'Mark' on Chaos


From The Gathering 2010

Solothurn, Switzerland


Mark, Channeled by Jonette Crowley


Copyright 2010 Jonette Crowley



‘Mark’ Talks About Chaos


Question:  You have some interesting views on the increasing chaos.  Please expand on that.

Mark:  If you imagine yourself as a Mayan astronomer thousands of years ago, you could sense into the future the linear progression of mankind’s consciousness.  Sunspots come and go, civilizations come and go, but consciousness only moves upward.  You can map a linear line going in one direction, and you can build a calendar based on that.  There comes a tipping point where reality is no longer experienced as linear.  You now have an edge, and everything is multidimensional, non-singular and non-linear.  It’s a lot like looking at fireworks that expand to be other fireworks, then other fireworks.  The non-linear experience of mankind makes it impossible to map or to foresee.  Rather than just making decisions on this time-space plane, you are choosing realities at all levels of your dimensionality.  You are making those choices even if the small you has no clue.  This fantastic chaos breaks apart all previous molds.  In the world that looks like a linear progression you saw Source as a singular force, because your idea of Source or God had to be singular and linear too.  As you become aware of your existence in multi-dimensional realities, what you now can see as Source is Source in every moment and every point of the Universe.  Source sources itself through everything with no plan, but is has at any moment, a comprehensive awareness.  When awareness is comprehensive you need no plan.  Part of the chaos is the moving from the idea of a linear singular God to an idea of the exponential sourcing of everything.  Welcome chaos.  It’s only the holding on that hurts.  One of the reasons it seems that there is more chaos is that there is more change concentrated in smaller space-time.  Imagine an Olympic figure skater spinning.  She is spinning first with her arms out and maybe a leg extended.  The energy has much room to swirl and much time because it takes much time for one rotation.  As she pulls herself in she spins faster and faster.  Each rotation has the same amount of energy, but it’s compressed in a smaller time and a tighter space.  What is happening in these times before 2012 and after is that all the great changes that took millennia are now happening very fast.  You will then, and you have now, access to that still point when all the spinning stops.  All creating is spiral based on the golden ratio.  When there is stillness the movement moves inter-dimensionally.  The still point is a threshold through all universes.  You don’t have to wait for solar flares or Mayan calendars.  You don’t have to go into a machine that increases your frequency to 8.3 megahertz.  You do not need the tools you used to need.  You can move by the wealth of wisdom in your intention to that still point.  You are at the threshold, the black hole that opens the door, to the 94 percent of the universe that is unknown.  Do not fear the spinning or the speed, for in its center is the doorway for all possibilities.  Thank you.

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  1. Lara Henderson on May 5, 2010 at 11:21 pm

    So I just read this blog after I commented on the other one- amazing- this is exactly what I was getting at. Thanks!!

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