Mark on Dealing with Conflict and Polarization


From The Gathering 2010

Solothurn, Switzerland


Mark, Channeled by Jonette Crowley


Copyright 2010 Jonette Crowley


Question:  What can we do to help leaders to deal with all the conflicts and polarization?

Mark:  If we could really answer that and had enough hours you would all be granted an honorary PhD.  There will be a segregation of belief systems – a world based on different belief systems.   Your religions will still hold sway by the power of fear, but also the positive power of faith.  As you send out your wave of transparency there will be more poor leaders kicked out and more great leaders elected.  The cynicism and polarity of the press is creating great difficulty in finding middle ground.  Education systems are being re-written from grassroots.  Institutions that exist to keep recreating their institution will no longer find support.  Corporations that hide patents so that new changes will not take away their profits will be found out.  There is an old saying from Roman times, “Roman senators are good men, but the senate is a beast”.  More and more people are coming back to the goodness of their hearts.  They – you – will rise above and through the heaviness of your institutions.  Institutions never lead the way; they only wait for people to change them.  You will not change governments, corporations, institutions or education by leaving them.  Keep your jobs as corporate manager.  Run for political office.  These things can only be changed from within, and it doesn’t help if you move out and then throw rocks at the people who are still stuck there.    There will continue to be calamities and they will continue to bring out the highest in mankind.  There is the greatest change in human consciousness when human consciousness grieves.  Decades ago when people watched Princess Diana’s funeral all over the world consciousness lifted, because people were authentically in their hearts.  When you feel compassion for the people of Haiti you actually help lift consciousness.  People who are sending small donations of $5 or $10 to the Red Cross are lifting consciousness.   See the calamities as opportunities for the structure of consciousness to lift, rather than as proof that the end of the world is here.  It’s interesting that people fight so hard to hold onto a world that doesn’t work very well anyway.  For eons people have prayed for peace, yet there is no peace.  This isn’t always a great world.  As the structure of consciousness changes, old programs will not work on the new operating system.  As light dancers you are exploring the new operating system.  The institutions that hold you back cannot hold back human communication.  The internet is the greatest invention for social change.  You live in very amazing times.  Thank you.

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