Mark on Divergence and Acceptance

Quantum Consciousness and the 8th Dimension,

 “Mark” channeled by Jonette Crowley


April 2009©

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This is an excerpt from class #4 of the Quantum Consciousness series

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Divergence and Acceptance

Tonight we are considering the value of divergence.  A hologram shows up because two separate beams of light move through a field creating patterns that are recognizable.  This is about the dialectic – two things which are opposite or at least in contrary terms to each other – creating something new; a new insight if it’s philosophy.  For you opposition creates a new energy, a new threshold, a new field.  This world is not about homogeneity, it is about divergence.  Divergence accepted creates the color of all life.  Divergence unaccepted creates the conflict in all life.  You choose, color or conflict. 

Acceptance has nothing to do with the value or veracity of a particular point of view.  Acceptance is a value of the acceptor, not of the thing to be accepted.  You look for the virtue that something is acceptable.  You objectify the acceptability of something.  We say that it’s not an object at all.  Acceptability, the ability to accept, is a principle.  It is a principle that many of you have discarded as difficult.  We invite you to do some dumpster diving and to find that discarded sense of acceptance as a principle; as part of a principle of life. 

 There are some places in our journey that we wish to take you.  However, your judgment of good and bad, right and wrong, win and lose, makes your mindset too inflexible to navigate the mazes of advanced consciousness.  You have so many excuses:  “I will accept when I understand better.  I will accept when I feel safe.  I will accept when I feel loved.  I will accept when their behavior is acceptable.  I will accept when Mother Earth isn’t damaged.”  You know the excuses.

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