Mark: Seeing in the Higher Dimensions

When you get to these higher dimensions, you are at the edge of the quantum world–which doesn’t exist–and the real world.  You sense the raw material that makes form.  What some of you may sense as your brain gets retrained is that the table seems to be wavy, or you seem to see atoms jumping up and down.  What that is, is you are actually seeing what is so.  Your mind has been programmed to see as solid what you believe is solid, but the truth is that everything is waving in and out of existence, so as you open up these kinds of aspects of your brain and know you are not crazy, you begin to see or sense the vitality, the life, of the table, of anything.

 In those higher dimensions beyond frequencies, time actually stops.  So one of the possibilities is that time stops because more of who you are is free to be in those timeless, spaceless dimensions above the fifth dimension.  The world will continue as it has, yet during this time, more of humanity is moving to those frequencies, and then beyond frequencies where there is no time.  You will still have time, because time and space are related, so if you got beyond time, you wouldn’t have space, either.

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