The 11th Dimension Shamballa Consciousness



The 11th Dimension has been unattainable before this time, but now the Earth is on a different trajectory. Not only a New Earth, but a New Universe.”  -  MARK

After 30 years of continuous channeled teachings through Jonette, the world is ready for MARK to take us to The 11th Dimension—Shamballa Consciousness.  Unattainable and even unimaginable until now, Shamballa is another world that had been connected to Earth but has moved into the etheric plane. The gateway to Shamballa includes the light and the dark, the two pillars of polarity, which you move through in order to experience the breakthrough that is Shamballa Consciousness. The 11th dimension can’t be experienced as a subset. It is infinity without barriers. What is shifting now is that your self is being uploaded into the cosmos in its entirety.

The point is for us to move to a place of ascended materiality so that we can bring higher gifts, greater wisdom, and more into this physical dimension, uplifting our life and enabling us to exit out of horizontal karma. It is available to you who are awakening outside of the linear world.

Part III: Design

The next step in the materialization oembodied high consciousness.”  - MARK

You learn to be designers and template builders of a new reality. As you lift out of density, you will sense a greater life-force energy. You have more trust, more joy, and none of it is caused by the outside world. Your opening up to embody the 11th Dimension is a vital part in the transition and illumination of human consciousness.

You will see greater demarcation between your view and that of people who are addicted to the densification that has become your world. For some, it may feel as if there are two Earths. There will be only one Earth, but the stratification of consciousness will become more apparent as Shamballa Consciousness penetrates into your world through those of you who are way-showers and light-holders.

Part II: Dis-Illusion

“The more you come to truth, the more the bridges you have built to untruth fall away.” -  MARK
From Part I: Discovery to Part II: Dis-Illusion, we peel away the blindfolds; moving out of illusion and limitation. The speed of spiritual evolution quickens as new senses beyond the world of impermanence are awakened. Passing through the gates of Shamballa, we move into the flow of embodied ascension. Together realizing the cosmic dance of Allness, receiving breakthroughs unimaginable.

Part I: Discovery

"Discover the energies and group consciousness pathways that get us to the ‘base camp’ of the 11th Dimension." - MARK

We will move, as part of an expedition, from this reality into Shamballa Consciousness. There, you can expect an opening of higher dimensions into your world. Your inner guidance will be stronger and will seem like it’s coming internally from you. Your inner knowing will come more deeply, bringing you vibrant peacefulness that encompasses everything you were trying to fix.

There is a serenity in Shamballa that has been inaccessible to humanity for many millennia. MARK helps us seed the serenity of Shamballa back into human consciousness and human physicality as it was meant to be.

Start now

If you are just joining Shamballa, we encourage you to jump right in and join the live Zoom classes on Mondays!

At the same time, you can catch up with the past classes by listening to the recordings at any time.

Catch up on MARK's previous series:


Neutrality: Part I

"Neutrality aims to neutralize you from all the polarity that has defined you and your world."

You often think as neutral as in between two sides but we wish to show you that neutrality is a whole different plane. It is the realm of the space between.  It is not simply the place between two poles.



Harmony: Part II

"Harmony is a rebirth of a way to relate to yourself and all that is. It is springtime for the Soul.

MARK's intention is to help you navigate your world more smoothly, maintaining your glitter and sparkle while supporting the glitter and sparkle of others. We move you out of the world of 'give and take' and into a world where you automatically receive and radiate.

Mastery: Part III

"Mastery is a beingness approach to realization, rather than a magician’s approach"
This is a course in the realization of the innate Mastery of the Universe. 
MARK uses unstructured experiences to create new structures of experiencing in yourself.  To move to the next dimensionyou must unstructure the ladder that got you to where you are and be open to a structureless perspective.


Experience all 10 dimensions in one day!

Dancing through Dimensions

Travel with MARK from the 1st to the 10th Dimension in this 5 hour video course.

Learn about the different dimensions - how they fit together, how to recognize them.  As you experience these higher planes your consciousness in automatically updated.... giving birth to your multi-dimensionality and all the miracles the Universe now has to offer you!

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