The 10th Dimension The Space Between

The Space Between is MARK's final series in the 10th Dimension preparing us to be able to comprehend the 11th and higher dimensions of consciousness. This course gives us experiences that transform us by getting us used to being the the dimension marked by the relationships or cosmic webwork that exists and influences all objects in the Universe.The times are speeding up and so is the speed of personal spiritual breakthrough. MARK’s intention is for you to have a stronger sense of existence or being in the space between. You have been going to the space between, you have increased your awareness of the space between, but you have yet to increase your beingness in the space between

About the 10th Dimension - Relativity

MARK has called the 10th Dimension ‘Relativity’ or the experience of the relationship between all things throughout time/space. This takes us out of an object/subject/matter based conception of the Universe. We begin to feel the give and take as all things relate to each other. Nothing is static, and nothing is objective. All is related, continually affecting all else. We move our awareness into the living web between objects. This has the tremendous effect of gently getting us unstuck from the view of only a material world.

Mastery: The Space Between Part III

"Mastery is a beingness approach to realization, rather than a magician’s approach, which is to see what you can do with mastery.”
This is a course in Realization of the innate Mastery of the Universe. 
The focus of Mastery is to build on the expansions created in Neutrality and Harmony to prepare the way for the 11th dimension, which MARK calls Shamballa, by offering unstructured experiences that begin to create new structures of experiencing in yourself.  In order to move to the next dimensionyou must unstructure the ladder that got you to where you are and be open to a structureless perspective. 

Harmony: The Space Between Part II

"Harmony is a rebirth of a way to relate to yourself and all that is. It is springtime for the Soul.

Harmony takes the space of Neutrality and builds bridges to create a level of complexity in relationships that strengthen all. Until now human relationships and relationships to the Earth and other species have not been based on neutrality and therefore had no way of being in harmony.  As humans, we have had little experience with the template of harmony.  In the past, the best we could do was the survival of the fittest, which is not necessarily harmonious.

MARK's intention is to help you navigate your world more smoothly, maintaining your glitter and sparkle while supporting the glitter and sparkle of others. We move you out of the world of 'give and take' and into a world where you automatically receive and radiate.

Neutrality: The Space Between Part I

In Part I: Neutrality the aim is to neutralize you from all the polarity that has defined you and your world.  You often think as neutral as in between two sides but we wish to show you that neutrality is a whole different plane. It is the realm of the space between.  It is not simply the place between two poles.

The astrological setup of the first half of this year is about power.  Power is often seen as the opposite of neutrality. Neutrality often feels like a void. We wish you to experience the power of being neutral. We wish you to hold this beingness powerfully throughout the machinations of your planet and your fellow humans.

We see you ready to encompass a level of wellbeing and intrinsic peacefulness that has until now been unreachable by you. You sometimes feel peaceful, you sometimes feel happy but in neutrality, we will help you explore being peace.  And therefore, being peace for the world.


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Part I: Beyond Self

The theme is breaking out from human-based limitation, living from the infinite nature of our Spirit. This course repatterns a ‘seed’ within us that has been genetically modified to trap us into the comfort of limitation, and prevent us from easily grasping the impossible. MARK’s goal is to have this genetically-modified gene reconfigured back into your DNA as Spirit intended, and that this ‘upgrade’ can it be expanded to the collective.

Part II: Beyond Singularity

In Part II of Beyond Destiny, Jonette and MARK explore the interface between humanity and nonlinear worlds, connecting you to that which is beyond the singularity of this Universe, bringing structural changes in how you interface with the world. We’ll learn ways to ignore interference patterns, see well-worn patterns being erased and new interactions being opened. This moves you from patterned responses to creative interactions.

Part III: Beyond Knowing

It is a new world…beyond everything we’ve known until now. This series continues to restructure our consciousness to bring us beyond the limitation of a singular perspective. It sets the groundwork for knowing the universe—by being one with it— rather than receiving it through any filters. We usually enter a program because we have an outcome in mind. Here MARK invites us to let both the outcome and the mind go. This becomes absolutely transformative beyond even the possibility of expectations!

Experience all 10 dimensions in one day!

Dancing through Dimensions

Travel with MARK from the 1st to the 10th Dimension in this 5 hour video course.

Learn about the different dimensions - how they fit together, how to recognize them.  As you experience these higher planes your consciousness in automatically updated.... giving birth to your multi-dimensionality and all the miracles the Universe now has to offer you!

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