Mark: Spiritual Evolution

Q:  Mark, I’m curious as to how you see things from your viewpoint.  Are you still an evolving being, and if so, what are you learning now, as a student?  Do you have a higher self?

A:  No one ever asks about us.  [laughter]  Thank you.  Evolution is an evolution of awareness, not an evolution of being.  Your being always has included everything.  We see the evolution of your awareness, and we celebrate it throughout the universe.  All consciousness evolves.  Evolution of awareness, evolution of service, evolution of knowing, is the only direction that creation goes.  Any being or group of beings creates, expands, has more knowing, has more creation.  Our higher self is the cosmos, as is yours.  It’s just that our neighborhood is more subtle, and has no density, while your neighborhood is Earth.  Ultimately, we are all connected, or we could not communicate to you.  It’s the oneness that drives the universe forward, but in that oneness, it is not a similar oneness; it is a oneness colored by all the differences.  Right now, humans have become in love with the differences, and have focused on the separation.  Once you get over that and see the differences as the reason for the oneness, it will be a spectacular change. 

You know, the saying they have in relationships is, “Never go to bed angry.”  Let us say, “Never get out of bed unless you’re in love.”  [laughter]  Every morning, before you get out of bed, find love, whether it’s the 8th dimension, or if it’s just love of your home, your cat, your job, your sweetheart.  It doesn’t matter what love is, because love has no sizes.  Start every day in love, however you feel like doing it, and don’t let it always be the same.  Sometimes you might be in love in the 8th dimension, and other times you might be galactic love, and other times, you might be in love with the fact that it’s springtime.  Healing is not a goal.  Healing is an outcome of love, so that is the answer.  The reason why we and White and Eagle and great gods and goddesses can hold more love and can love you more, isn’t because we’re better than you; it’s just because we’ve learned how to be bigger.  The bigger you are, the bigger you can love.

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