MARK: The December Solstice 2012 – A Chinese Puzzle

Words from MARK:   The December Solstice of this year 2012 is when many layers and dimensions line up, much like a Chinese puzzle– and when all of the alleyways line up, the marble drops from the outside to the inside. With this cosmic alignment, there is an overlay of possibilities, a nexus of potentials beyond time that cannot be accessed in your normal linear comprehension. The vast possibilities of the 2012 Solstice and after, because it’s a gate, time can be experienced differently. It doesn’t mean it will be experienced differently for everyone. It just means that the lid is off, and you have skills in time travel without going anywhere, of understanding the branches of time without having to choose one, understanding the holographic nature of time.

Most of the time when we have had you become holographic, you’ve become holographic in terms of space. You imagine your being everywhere in space, but if you can imagine becoming holographic in time as well. The time gate that you see is basically the opening of the door to much more easy comprehension, accessibility of holographic time.

There is a lion-like Sphinx. It is a guardian from the star system Sirius that always guards the most important portals. Low consciousness, undeveloped consciousness, and dark consciousness, will not be able to access this time gate. They will continue at the normal speed, and the normal world. Most of what you are will continue at the normal speed, at the normal world, but that part of you that takes these journeys with us, that part of you will be unleashed, and will be able to have access to so much more. The Sphinx guardian guards so that that the dark, and the lower vibrations cannot access and pollute the many time frames, the many potent possibilities that begin to be opened past this shift.

The shift is an opening. It is a doorway. It doesn’t mean all of a sudden your lives will be different, it means your higher lives will be much greater. We expect that to impact your everyday life, but many people will not be impacted at all. They may however, actually feel increased chaos. You have harmonized with these greater holographic sorts of worlds, so you will just welcome it. With the gifts of navigation that you have been learning with us for many months, or many years, you will more than welcome the new possibilities. People, who are steadfast in their blinders on an only linear highway, will probably feel the impetus of chaos, and not really know what to do with it.

The Shift will bring levels of chaos. It’s as if there’s a tsunami of possibilities that washes over the planet earth. Those of you who’ve been dancing with possibilities, you’re saying yes, finally. Those who, it’s all they can do to struggle with no possibilities; it will feel like a tsunami of chaos. As you understand, what happens is that people withdraw, become fearful about the stock market, your markets, your institutions and what triggers anything to collapse but fear? It is very important that you all are holographically, multi-dimensionally awake with the energies of power, the energies of love and wisdom, certainly the energies of fearlessness, because your resonant field can do a great deal for those who choose fear as a knee-jerk reaction, to feel a sense of calmness is out there somewhere. It’s not one day to the next.

There are shifts in place, because there are so many like you waking up. There are people in government, in banking, in education, military, in all of these things who also hold the same values you do, and who are also exploring in their own way. You are not alone. There are people like you everywhere, doing it in their way. Will there be changes? Yes. Are they changes that need to happen? Indeed. Will it feel chaotic? For many, yes. It is your finest hour, however, because you can surf on chaos, and find the oneness there, and begin to bring the seeds of oneness into the field that has some turmoil.

Let’s talk about a field of turmoil. When a farmer plants his seeds at the beginning of the season, what does he do first? He turns the soil. He takes everything that had been all packed down and happily spending the winter, and he turns it all up into turmoil. Why? Because it’s that turned soil that is most receptive to the seed.

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