MARK: The Egos and Love Cure for Washington DC

Channeled from “MARK”, copyright 2014 by Jonette Crowley, For more about MARK and current audio courses on Creation go Here. 

 Question: Can you provide any input on the energetic dome that we’ve seen over Washington D.C.?

Mark – Hmm.  Ones with egos are the easiest to influence.  There has been a lot of influence in Washington because there are a lot of egos.  Not just in the politicians, but particularly in the military.  The dome hasn’t been a bad thing actually.  It has kept some of the energy of Washington in Washington.  The picture you can imagine is a house that is getting fumigated, there is a big tent put over it.  When egos serve love, this world will be dancing to the most beautiful rhythm.  When egos serve ego power, it almost always leads to corruption.  Your role, as a group of light creators, is to see the love in the hearts in the military, in the politicians, in the corporations that make a lot of money on war.  Look at their hearts and their love so that their hearts can begin to overshadow their egos.  You do it not by fearing them, not by over-controlling them in the game of control, but by loving them, and reminding them that there is always love and softness.  This sweet innocence that is also mature and wise – feel into that space... it is virtually unexplored in humanity these days.  You may find some beautiful experiences in that space.

Love what you are afraid of. It does two things: It kills your fear and it kills that which is fearsome, transforming it.  Always remember to love what you are afraid of.

Question: How are the energies of the Washington Monument being used?

Mark – There are tunnels below Washington.  The Washington Monument serves as a receiving needle that brings into this nest of tunnels energy that is not friendly or inclusive.  It serves the same way that pyramids have often served in the past – as electricity generators and collectors.  It’s quite weak, however.  It’s almost off-line.

The obelisk in the Vatican is still on-line and serves in much the same way, but it is still active.  Any love and light that is sent to the Vatican, that is sent to the obelisk there, has tremendous leveraged impact for good.  The catacombs under Rome were not built to bury the Christians.  They are part of ancient tunnel systems.  Thank you.

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