Embodied Universality Part I: The Universal Human

The Universal Human

The 10th Dimension – Embodied Universality Part 1:

The Universal Human

A blog by Jonette Crowley

  • This piece is edited from MARK’s newest channeled course: ‘Embodied Universality.’  It helps explain the rapid energetic shifts we are all experiencing. MARK calls it a threshold event of breakthrough human cognition.

Can you feel the call to evolve? 

Those of us with the urge to awaken are connecting to an incomprehensibly beautiful future…a future so different from our now, that we can't even picture it.  Project your energetic imagination into an inconceivably bright future. This expands you in holiness, in joy, in all dimensions and amazing worlds. You touch into aliveness, a sense of loving inclusion, universal interconnection. Every strand is interwoven with love…like being in love with All-That-Is!

Imagining and embodying a bright universal future in the now, creates a paradigm shift in all consciousness. We understand the universal Hermetic Law of ‘As above, so below.’ When we allow ourselves to experience expanded joy in life or in meditation, we KNOW that this is happening in all universes. Can you see yourself standing on the cusp of a HUGE change? It’s not simply a change in your consciousness, but your universal consciousness is reflecting a change that is reverberating throughout all spheres.

Please understand how much you are transcending the limitations of humanity now. There’s a freedom here that’s familiar, very magnetic. Infinity is too small. Imagination is too small. You can’t imagine such goodness, such beauty, such interconnectivity, but you can feel its touch. This is a breakthrough space for the expansion and evolution of humanity.

You are in some ways beyond knowing. Being universal is moving from knowing to being knowing. This interconnection, this universality is intertwined with you. You will never lose it. You experience the presence of greater consciousness in your life. When your presence changes, your perspective changes, and that changes your life.

You are taking part in a threshold event of human cognition. It is the breakthrough of human consciousness outside its past boundaries. It is a breakthrough event that can’t be pinned in time and space. But once the breakthrough is breached, the event is multiplied by infinity. The best way to describe it is: cognizance or One with infinite, spontaneous creation.

How this impacts Earth is that things that have not been created in love and are therefore not sustainable begin to be uncreated, over-lighted by creations that are truly creative—in other words, sustainable, continual, loving.

By your expanding your universality and being grounded, you bring the connection to this spontaneous creation back to humanity. Humanity then moves out of the shadows. You, as anchors, close the gap and make it more possible for humanity to be liberated from itself.

“You know much more than could have been comprehended just a short time ago"

'MARK' channeled by Jonette

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