MARK: When You Are Not Who You Think You Are.

“Your self is becoming more a collection of impressions, of portals, of gateways, of wormholes, of geometries, of spaces. What you think is you, is changing its definition. It can’t be placed in time or space, but is a continual active interaction with the cosmos. In the past you had to see yourself as fairly static in order to see yourself, but with these changes in consciousness that are being imbued into you now, you’ll know yourself without the requirement of stasis, or of being static. You’re moving to a dimension where there’s much more movement that you can follow and know; yet you’re still calm. In the past this would be chaotic, but now it’s just different.

“This is actually the introduction to the 9th dimension, quantum consciousness with the awareness of movement, of non-linearity, of multi-dimensions at the same time and each dimension interacting with every other dimension, every other world, every other aspect of yourself.”

Exquisite Transcendence

This Monday in our weekly class, something happened beyond words and explanation. It was a pivotal breakthrough in our very essence. Mark first worked with our personality, helping us be more fluid and less rigid in who we think we are. Then, during a meditation he suggested we imagine a laser going into our 3rd eye, piercing and resetting our pineal gland. This resulted in a cascading of hormonal, cellular and electromagnetic changes throughout our body. One person said, “The electricity in my body was so intense that I could taste the fillings in my teeth.”  I felt as though I had been flipped into another intense yet peaceful reality, where I was a different being … a golden transcendence. The best description I could come up with was ‘exquisite’… me, the space, reality. The experience was of being released from the confines of this world and given an energetic body that fit the new reality. What is most spectacular is that it didn’t seem like a one-time experience, but rather entering the threshold of a permanent new way of being.

In the past I have been hesitant to write too much about Mark because his style of experiential consciousness exploration is quite advanced and didn’t always appeal to beginners on the spiritual path. I just hoped that the people who were drawn to this accelerated work would feel it and come along and listen to the on-going Mark. And they have. There are groups all over the world who meet and listen to the Mark courses together on a regular basis.

But with the openings of 2012 I see that the entire game has changed. How Mark teaches — by guiding you … even if you have never meditated before … on journeys that actually take you to expanded states of consciousness and higher dimensions, is exactly what we need right now. We can no longer just talk or think our way into higher states. We need to be taken there, having our own experience, and then have it explained. That is how Mark teaches. You don’t have to study what he says … in fact you can’t. You feel it and you change. Right then and there.

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