Mark: Why Do We Forget Who We Are?

Q:  What is the reason for all of us to come back here to Earth and forget all of who we really are?

A:  The reason you come back to Earth is because this reality has so much depth to it, and so many different ways of creation.  In other realities, creation isn’t so beautiful.  It’s more subtle.  It’s not so bold and in your face.  You’ve all come back because you love the depth and the reality of this reality.  Why do you forget?  Because you would be distracted if you remembered everything.  Just like now, if you are 35 years old, you can’t say what you did on January 12 when you were 3, because if you remembered all that, it would be heavy and a distraction.  Your 3-D memory doesn’t remember it, but your divine pattern never forgot.  As you move to these higher dimensions, the divine pattern that doesn’t have all the human distractions begins to be revitalized.  It begins to vibrate in such a way that you get to be human and imprint your divine self into humanity, which is the destiny of mankind—to be human and physical, yet imprinted by the divine pattern.  It hasn’t happened yet on Earth.  You’ve had many grand civilizations, and some of them were quite spiritual, and some of them were quite material, but the spiritual ones weren’t very grounded, and the material ones weren’t very spiritual.  This is the opportunity to have a highly spiritual, physical, real, chocolate-loving reality.  [laughter]

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