Mark: You Are a Creator of Love

 Feel the goodness of your heart and soul unfettered, that there are no limitations to the goodness you can be and have and hold and receive. There is no dark voice in your head saying, oh no, you can’t have this. You can’t be this. There is only goodness, only the intention of goodness, only the expectation of goodness, only the receiving of goodness, only the sending of goodness.

 As you step into this place there has to be a smile on your face.

 Feel liberated, liberated from achieving goodness and happiness, liberated from having to change, liberated from all the things you think you need to do. In this moment be liberated. If you insist on picking up your burdens, they will be at the door. Notice how you seem to weigh less. The stress moves out of your cells. If you are in the forest, you hear the sounds, the crickets, the little scurrying animals, the birds, perhaps the wind in the tops of the trees, perhaps a creek.

 Imagine now that just like you can hear in the forest, you can hear or sense the sounds of the universe, that you can open up to know that all of the galaxies are communicating all the time, not to you but between themselves, and yet you can feel it. You can sense this huge body of communication, connection and wisdom. We’ll call it galactic knowledge. It’s intrinsic in the universe itself.

 With the feeling of liberation, the feeling of goodness in this now moment, feel that you are in the center of all communication. There is no giver. There is no receiver. There is no great reservoir of something moving to a great expanse of nothing, but everything is everywhere and that you are somehow opening up to know that, to sense it in your consciousness.

 You are in touch with a vast expanse of wisdom, of knowledge, of presence, of spirit, and yet some of this is so transcendental that it is difficult to communicate it to earth because the way humans see things and need to believe things are so prepackaged, that this vast brilliance of the universe cannot be beheld by most humans. That’s why goodness and liberation are the first steps.

 To that vast goodness, that vast knowledge, add your human dimension, the human dimension of sparkling happiness, the human dimension of human love, the kind of love you feel when you look at a baby, play with a dog, play with a kitten, the kind of love that has no expectations, that is just adorable, cherishing, transcendent love. Bring that sort of human love to the vastness and unstructured galactic quantum space.

 What this will set up is a transit point, a portal where, almost as in weather when a high pressure follows a low pressure, there is one pressure cell in this world and a high pressure cell and it just naturally moves from the vastness of the universe through you with this exuberant human love space. It becomes amplified. Why does it become amplified? Because you are packaging what you are receiving into frequencies that humans have been trained to pick up. You are receiving from frequencies that most humans can’t find. You are adding this human element of pure, crystalline, smiling, giggling love. That will transform it so that it can be received by humans in the frequencies they are used to.

 Trust your heart and the kaleidoscope of the moment. When this is set up, when you open yourself as a portal, the energies that move through you are magnetized through you by the human matrix or the human structure. It just pulls it through. You don’t have to do anything but be a gateway. The sensation that you may have is that you’re expanding.

 In actuality, frequencies that are not very common in the human collective consciousness are being transmitted through you, through your experience from the higher realms. You might also feel like there are codes or frequencies, or you may not feel anything at all.

 It’s as if through you, much needed water is raining on your human brothers and sisters, bringing them experiences and frequencies of hope, of love, of wisdom, of guidance at higher levels than they have been able to reach before, higher levels than you have been able to reach before.

 If you had to put words to this energy, notice that it’s honoring, it’s loving, it’s appreciative, it’s accepting, it’s healing, it’s considerate, it’s kind. It’s hope where there isn’t hope. It’s nourishment where there is no nourishment. It’s light when there is darkness. It’s answers when there’s confusion. It’s manna from heaven pouring collectively and individually into humans. It’s supportive, clarifying.

 Feel through your intention, your love, these transcendental frequencies that don’t feel very human are being moved into a very human context, a very individualized human context, that what humans need, it’s transferring into their needs. Where there’s pain there is relief. Feel it at an individual level for billions of people that somehow this gift of quantum frequencies is moving personally and individually to the humans on this planet.

 You feel that in this way you are the answer. You are a portal. You are a partner with what you call God, the guides, the angels, the Holy Spirit.

 Look inside yourself now. What gifts are you collecting? What support, what nurturing, what wisdom, what love are you taking in? It’s there for you. It’s always there for you.

 When you feel the want in the world, remind yourself that you are a portal to all the answers, all the grace, and all the frequencies that supply what the want needs. You don’t just pray, but you are a doorway. You’re a capable translator of cosmic frequencies and transcendent spaces into the human matrix. In that way perhaps, you are one who answers prayers.

 The beauty of being part of this portal of mastery is that whatever the needs are that come cascading out of the human condition, it is always met by its fulfillment. If there’s a great need now for hope, then there is always enough hope. If there is a great sense of grief and loss, then there is always consolation. There is never too much want, that it is answered from this quantum world. Remember that and never fall into hopelessness yourself. We want you not to take our word for it, but feel yourself, that everything that’s needed is answered. It’s not just a saying. Feel that because you’re at the gateway. You’re a supply depot.

 Use your imagination now to look over the human condition, the collective consciousness and see that it’s a little brighter, a little looser, a little less structured, a little less worried, as if you could see hope, as if you could see changes of vibration. Look. Sense.

 This is a time of many changes on the earth, a time of economic changes, a time of solar flares, a time of earth changes, political changes.

 Feel now as part of you being a portal of mastery, that there are special frequencies that are coming to you and people like you, frequencies that aren’t yet meant for the masses, but frequencies that are here to support you who are the seekers. Open up your cells, your heart, your soul to receive these frequencies, these codes, these catalysts, as answers to your prayers and your needs.

 Let yourself expand, where you lose reference, so that these codes, these frequencies are moving into an unlimited aspect of you, a part of you that’s beyond time. Be in your body even though you are expanded and filled with light.

 You are such an intrinsic part of quantum love. Someday we hope you know or you’ll experience that you are not just a receiver of love, not just a transmitter of love, but that indeed you create it. You always have. As you embrace the God that you are, may you embrace yourself as a creator of love?

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