Message from Jonette: Power Isn't for the Weak…

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When we seek true power--not control and authority --but the power of spirit, founded on love and wisdom, we are pushed through a one-way door that didn't exist a moment before. Our choices are narrowed to two: Do we stay? Or do we go? When it is time, the choice to go--the only real option--is illumined like a flash of lightning. The instantaneous knowing allows for no questions and no hesitation. As much as we hate to admit it, the movement is irrevocable, even though no action has yet been taken.
Several months ago, with no prelude or warning, I looked at my husband-- my partner for over 21 years-- and I heard my inner voice loudly declare: "It is time to move on."  In a split second I knew that this 20+ year chapter is over. The new book is blank. Within a few weeks our big home was sold, I told Ed I was leaving him, and I moved to a small apartment. It all happened so quickly; thankfully, with no time to think. At some level Ed understood, although he didn't want this.
Understanding the significance of everything I was giving up-- my husband, my home, my security, the entire life I had put together up until now, I sent a simple but powerful request out into the universe: HELP. The second I saw the word flying from me, I could feel a vibration in the universe that told me that my prayer was received and answered. I would be well supported.
Now I am sitting on an island in Norway, looking out over a fjord to the rugged granite mountains beyond. The past two nights I spent in cabins in those mountains, sharing friendship, beauty, champagne. Blessed with rainbows by day and the Northern Lights by night.
It feels that I am standing on the edge of a precipice-- a base jumper, the Fool in the Tarot-- holding little and knowing nothing, yet walking forward. For the past several years I've been channeling Mark through a series of courses: Love, Wisdom, and Power. These three become the base for the summit point of the triangular pyramid-- Creation.
We are all there, on the edge of Creation, in our own way. I am so honored to stand with you on the raw edge of the future. Thank you.
P.S. I received this message yesterday from my friend Anthony: "Stop and stand still, allow your greatest power to catch up to you. Today you travel in the morrow. Look not in the rear-view, only remember where you came from in the beginning and stand still to view your destination."
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