The Secrets of Mount Shasta

A Spiritual Adventure Tour with Jonette Crowley

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3 power places over the next 3 years:

Mount Shasta 2019

Bali 2020

Hawaii 2021

All magical. All volcanoes. All holding the power of fire and total transformation

Secrets of Mount Shasta A Summer Solstice Spiritual Tour

June 16 - 23, 2019

Spiritual Adventure Tour with Jonette Crowley

Uncover the Secrets of Mount Shasta - illuminate your inner master with the power of the solstice! 

Mount Shasta is an spiritual energy powerhouse in the Cascade Mountains of Northern California. Known as the 7th or Root Chakra of Mother Earth, it is fabled for its gateways to the underground city of Telos, home of the Lemurians.  Land of inter-dimensional portals and transformative vortexes.  Hailed as the sacred initiation place of St. Germaine.  All on this spectacular volcano, robed in verdant nature, festooned in trickling waterfalls and crystalline lakes.

A Tour like no other...

Join Jonette Crowley, channel, author and ‘Spiritual Indiana Jones’ for a spectacular adventure. Jonette has led groups of international spiritually-minded travelers to power places across the globe. 

She recently completed completed a three-part mission to Cambodia & Vietnam, Australia & New Zealand and Tibet to unlock where the group did energy work to strengthen the Earth's gridlines and reconnect with our Lemurian core.

Mt Shasta Reflection
Courtesy to Victoria Lee at

Meet the Water

Cleanse your mind and heal your body with the pristine and purifying water that flows out of the glacier-fed springs.  Visit the area's beautiful water sites including. the Headwaters, Fairy Falls, and Castle Lake.

Mt Shasta Sunrise
Photo by Michael Zanger Sunrise on Mount Shasta

Meet the Mountain

Connect with the energies of the mountain that is known as the 1st or Root Chakra of Mother Earth.   We will do mediations and activations at Serenity Portal and the powerful, Ascension Rock.  Many people see “The Violet Flame” the purifying violet energy which reignites the flame of your divine purpose. reminding us of how we can live in harmony on Earth.

Adama by Glenda Green
Adama by Glenda Green, courtesy of Aurelia Louise Jones

Meet Lemuria

Commune with the Sidhe and nature spirits at the Fairy Ring. Connect with the Lumerian frequencies at the Telos Portal.  Many connect with the sacred Lemurian city of Light called Telos deep underground where Adama the High Priest has been seen walking on the mountain and Saint Germain is said to hold an inner Master's Retreat.


Meet Yourself

Summer Solstice Vision Quest

The longest day of the year is about cosmic connections for the special power of the summer solstice. At Vision Ring we’ll do a special Solstice Ceremony and Initiation with Jonette.  Then it is time for your own Vision Quest as the Mountain's strong energies help us to actualize our own personal power and messages for guiding our life.  


Meet Your Future

We have our final communion with the Mountain at Anamar’s Garden, a majestic rock formation, with a small cave thought to be a portal into the Inner Earth. We conclude our magical time with a Closing ceremony by Lake Siskiyou to integrate all that we have learned and become!

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The adventure, the experiences, the meditations, the initiations, the personal transformations, the fun, the friendships

…are life-changing.

“Jonette's trips are always an incredibly rich blend of fascinating new places, power sites, beautiful nature, potent meditations and wonderful people.  If you feel drawn to participate in one, be assured that you will find it deeply fulfilling and treasure the experiences for the rest of your life.” 

United Kingdom

“The journey to Cambodia was phenomenal! Beyond expectations… I loved it all! The harmony in the group  and the support that ensued was beyond anything ever encountered, causing shifts I can hardly fathom.”