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Spiritual Adventure Tours with Jonette Crowley

MYSTICAL ENGLAND Avalon Magic Spiritual Tour

April 16 - 23, 2018

Join Jonette as we follow the legends of the Holy Grail, King Arthur, mystical Glastonbury, the priestesses of Avalon… Enter the world of Merlin and the Druids. Experience the energies of ancient power places, including private time at Stonehenge. Feel the strands of history and legend calling you back to Magic. Jonette holds the space for personal spiritual breakthroughs and always brings through special meditations and initiations on these amazing tours.


England: 8 Days

  • Arrive and stay overnight in Wells
  • Explore Glastonbury Abbey and Tor
  • Visit the Magdalene Chapel
  • Private time at the healing waters of White Spring & Red Spring
  • Private access to the prehistoric monument and power spot Stonehenge
  • Visit Cadbury Castle – a Bronze and Iron Age hill-fort known as Camelot
  • Explore Avebury Complex of Stone Circles & Silbury Hill
  • Feel the power of the Dartmoor- Sacred Woods
  • See the Templar Church & Maiden Castle
  • Visit Tintagel where King Arthur’s Castle & Merlin’s Cave are
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“Jonette's trips are always an incredibly rich blend of fascinating new places, power sites, beautiful nature, potent meditations and wonderful people.  If you feel drawn to participate in one, be assured that you will find it deeply fulfilling and treasure the experiences for the rest of your life.” 

— Brenda
United Kingdom

“The journey to Cambodia was phenomenal! Beyond expectations… I loved it all! The harmony in the group  and the support that ensued was beyond anything ever encountered, causing shifts I can hardly fathom.”  

— Daphne
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