2018 The Year of Activations

Opening Your Quantum Brain: Evolving into an Awakened Human

Warsaw, Poland - April 7, click here for details

Copenhagen, Denmark - April 13, click here for details

Salzburg, Austria - May 5, click here for details

Zürich, Switzerland - May 11, click here for details

Denver, Colorado, USA - July 27, Julie at [email protected]

Opening Your Quantum Brain: Evolving into an Awakened Human

“For spiritual growth you must first activate your heart, then your brain, and finally your DNA.”

For the past year Jonette has been studying the brain changes necessary for us to get to the next step of our spiritual evolution. She has worked with doctors who have studied her enhanced brain waves. During this workshop Jonette transmits instantaneous brain activations that create measurable right brain opening in all who are present.

Our goal in this one-day class is to teach you to open your creative, intuitive and wholistic right brain and to build a permanent bridge across both hemispheres. This gives you the experience of whole brain coherence, all part of evolving your 'Quantum Brain.' At this level your mind learns to process holistically, holographically, and beyond time/space— in short, your brain becomes a fully functioning partner in your spiritual evolution, as it was always meant to be.

  • You have greater access to KNOWING
  • You experience whole-brain coherence
  • You trust yourself to a higher degree
  • You become more interconnected to Nature and the higher realms
  • You begin to transcend what seemed to be issues before

This is the perfect prelude class to the 'MARK' weekend!

Beyond the Matrix— Skills for Breakthrough Consciousness

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Comments from Copenhagen Workshop

"After the channeling and the crowning I felt a very pure love. Neither driven by love nor hate. Tears were in my eyes every time I looked at you and felt your energy. Thank you. I love you as I love myself."

Daniel, 19 years old from Denmark

"Finally I can wear that crown I always wanted to show! The journey through the gates is like a journey through my life.  Jonette brought me back home to where I've always been."

Anne-Mette from Denmark

"What happened this weekend is beyond words. I feel that years of signs, feelings and meetings with people all have fallen into place within me. The past months I've had experiences that prepared me. The initiation was the final piece of the puzzle. I have infinite love for you. You are amazing!!"

Marie-Louise from Denmark


"Thank you for another fantastic seminar. You and MARK have been my greatest inspiration for years now and I will continue our work in spirit. You have been one of the reasons that I am now finally giving into my spiritual gifts and powers!"

Alex from Denmark

"Thank you for everything! Your team is magical! Your guidance has taken me home to my crystal castle and my power. I now have even more power to help others transform their lives as I have."

Donna from Denmark