Stockholm, Sweden

An Oracle Evening with Jonette

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Time: 18:30 - 21:30

Location: Halsans Hus, Fjallgatan 23 B 116 28 Stockholm T-bana Slussen

Price: 350 SKR, cash payable at the door

*This is an open evening no need to pre-register

Contact:  Marie Mauritzson at [email protected] or call 0708 76 39 37

An Oracle Evening

Once again, Jonette brings you a higher perspective on our spiritual challenges and opportunities during these times. By channeling her Oracle 'self' she will  share how we can live more in the flow of grace and magic as multi-dimensional beings. 

Would you love a meditation that opens up your limiting patterns and helps implant the golden codes that are your divine birthright? Do you have a question that you would love an Oracle answer for?

Jonette has so much to share, especially about what is happening energetically in the world now!

Jonette is Teaching Two Other Workshops in Stockholm!

OPENING YOUR QUANTUM BRAIN: Evolving into an Awakened Human

Our goal in this one-day class is to teach you to open your creative, intuitive and wholistic right brain and to build a permanent bridge across both hemispheres and then into the higher realms. This whole brain coherence is part of evolving your ‘Quantum Brain.’

BEYOND THE MATRIX: Skills for Breakthrough Consciousness

Even with all we do for our spiritual growth, we are still stuck in the old Matrix of mass consciousness based on fear.  We’re  limited by the critical voices in our head, what other people think, the fear of lack, or just our old habits of smallness.  But that doesn’t have to be our reality…



"The workshop was an excellent experience and Jonette was a wonderful guide/leader/teacher"

— Barbara Germany

"Awesome, Magical, Grateful! 
Thank You"

— Verena Austria

"Much happy dancing in the sky."

— Lene Switzerland