Our Beautiful Light DOES Show… and it Makes a Difference!

This blog is written by Renee who lives in a small farming community near the fjords in central Norway. If you have an inspiring or instructional story to share as a Guest Blog please email us at info@JonetteCrowley.com 
    I have joined the Monday night Mark classes for many years now, and I want to tell you about something that happened to me the other day; as a comment to the question to Mark if people can see what’s transmitting through us.
    I was watching my 15 year old daughter’s team playing soccer, and I was standing on the sideline talking to one of the other mothers who I hardly knew.  Since there has been some termoil inside the soccerteam, we were talking about our girls, and she was telling me about her daughter’s big heart.
    “She should have had two hearts,” she said, “because she can’t save the world with just the one.”
    Her daughter came up to us several times when she was taken out of the game, and suddenly she walked right up to me, so close to my face, and she said: “You are so beautiful!”
    My reaction was like “What!! What did you say?????”
    She said again “You are so beautiful!”
    I said again: “What!?!  How can you say something like that to a 54 year old woman???????”
    She said again: “You are so beautiful!  I would not have said it if I didn’t mean it!”
    She was so close to me and could see all my wrinckles!  (and, believe me, there’s nothing special about me!  Although we are all special!)  I just gaped at her mother and was actually in shock.  How can a 15 year old girl say something like this – to an ‘old lady’? When I got control of myself and my brain was working again, it struck me:  She can see it!  She can really see it!
    I can feel how everything (whatever that is) is radiating through me all the time, but I have often wondered if anyone else would ever notice.  This was a huge confirmation for me!  Now I know… and I’m so grateful that I can be a channel for the energies from Mark, White Eagle and The White Brotherhood.
   It must be said that this is very special girl.  She is so open, warm and caring, and much ‘older’ than her age.  Her parents own a hotel in Guatemala, and she and her brother have spent a lot of their time there and seen a lot of poverty.  They have helped many children by paying for their education, and this girl spends a lot of her time in Norway gathering toys to give to children she knows in Guatemala.
    I would also like to tell you about my community and what’s happening here.  It looks like people here, between fjords and mountains, are stuck in old energies. There is a tendency for people to turn their backs to each other instead of talking about their challenges; they talk about each other instead of to each other; they are suspicious instead of trusting; pessimistic instead of enthusiastic and so on.  This occurs in every level and every environment.  It looks like we still haven’t learned how to live happily together. The population is going down, and so is the number of jobs.  The local politicians are making things worse as the majority in most cases favours one side of the fjord. The consequence is stagnation and setback.
   For the last six years I have been engaged in establishing a youth club and rebuilding the local Red Cross Union.  My latest involvement is called Tindrande Eidsdal (in English: Sparkling Eidsdal; Eidsdal is the valley where I live).  The foundation for the work I have done in these establisments has always been The White Brotherhood and their energies. Everything I have done, felt, said and meant has come from the deepest part of my heart, which I believe is from new energies.  I know that I could never have done this work without the White Brotherhood having my back.  Sparkling Eidsdal, which is a group of 9 people, representing the whole valley, has a vision to change people’s hearts, in a down to earth and proper way, by creating optimism, workplaces, growth and prosperity, and show everyone that it can be done.  The financies are in place, and we are ready to start the work.  But it’s hard, the energies are so heavy, and I really wish it wouldn’t take that long.  I don’t know if it’s possible for you to understand this situation, but I just want you to know that I truly believe that the good things that are happening here, after all, are much thanks to The White Brotherhood through your (Jonette’s) channelings.
   Thank you for the work you are doing, and I say it again; the regular Mark Classes are beyond fantastic!
Blessings from Renee
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