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‘MARK’ – About

MARK channeled by Jonette Your quantum guide to help you expand and integrate into the higher dimensions. “We are building the major circuitry of multidimensional perception” MARK, channeled by Jonette…

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Mark – Courses

The 10th Dimension Beyond Destiny Part I: Beyond Self What You Will Experience MARK’s work now moves us outside predetermination, regulation, and limitation, enhancing our scope beyond previously programmed possibilities.…

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Who Is Mark?

Who Is Mark?       WHY STUDY MARK? If you want to grow faster than your current spiritual tools can take you; If you want a path where there…

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Playing in the Unified Field Part I Audio Download

We learn by exploring the greater possibilities that surround us. The field of the MARK group is solid enough to support our expansion into the mystical realities of the quantum world. We experience the very essence of being; together learning to manifest greater realities. In this part we will fine-tune our skills in the dimensions of multiple manifest realities, making it possible for us to choose and navigate in the quantum realms. Our consciousness is expanded, enabling unforeseen gifts and life-changing experiences.

This download expires 60 days after purchase. Limit is 10 downloads within this timeframe.

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