Personal Reflections on Marriage

Remember the lyrics to the song, “Looks like we made it …”? This week will be our 15th wedding anniversary. As in any relationship, Ed and I have had our ups and downs. Can I confess that last year I was about done with it? I loved so much about Ed … who he is, what he does, that he is committed to learning and spiritual growth ….  BUT … the way we were together had me confused. At times I didn’t even like him, and I’m sure he felt the same about me. I told the Universe that I wanted a kind and considerate husband. I hoped it was Ed, but I tried to be unattached to the outcome. In my mind I gave myself from March 2010 to March 2011 to get clear what to do.

Then a minor miracle happened. In late January Ed started working with a personal coach and an inner spiritual “team” from the White Brotherhood. I was teaching in Europe all of February, but could sense the change in him. His emails and texts to me were warm and even romantic! I loved it and told him so! After receiving a particularly loving text from Ed, I texted him back: “To whomever stole Ed Oakley’s cell phone and is sending romantic messages … keep it up! PS. Are you married?” I came back home to the husband I had married 15 years ago. Our relationship is stronger and each of us is growing and laughing. We are both kinder and more forgiving. The miracle is that I had given the issue up to the Universe and gave the Universe a year to let me know what to do. My deadline was March. The huge changes began in February. I am so grateful to have the husband I have and the marriage we are creating. Guess we’ll sign on for another 15 years … for starters.

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  1. Carmen Meera on November 12, 2011 at 12:57 pm

    Dear Jonette..I admired you always! I love your open heart and open sharing ..the authenticity. It is so true what you wrote…it is not perfect but perfectible..relation in new way..developing all the time.A marriage with a smiling all the time & kiss and love all the time without provocations on the is an illusion here on 3d, it was until now..11.11.11 portal who will allow the developing of new prototypes for marriage, too..~RelationShifts~ I teach an workshop with this theme and I know it is the only way to change the paradigm..and to treasure more yourself..and after that your partner will up-grade..or is an multidimensional view.

    Love partnership space.. It is the space of creativity. Developing day by day the space of love & forgiving..treasuring the partnership..It is a space for each other to feel good ..Rewarding space.
    The Love space is On..shinning.. when 2 people truly feel welcome to be themselves and to celebrate Life. Beauty of Life..

    Admiration & Love , Carmen Meera & Romania, Transylvania..:)

  2. Anonymous on November 10, 2011 at 6:23 pm


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