Quantum Consciousness and the 8th Dimension

Our work with my guide “Mark” has reached a new threshold. This is truly the doorway to other Universes. We are learning tools for changing this world; bringing in wisdom, magic and all times and places in a way that gives us infinite possibilities. Consciousness and our abilities to navigate in the higher worlds are growing very quickly now. Mark is helping us connect with the “Shamanic super-highway” of living masters so that our skills can grow and our light can have a much greater impact. We are exploring the 8th Dimension, which is best described as the universes on the other side of black holes in the new course, Quantum Consciousness and the 8th Dimension. (Available on CD or downloads.) 


Here is a drawing from Barbara Hand Clow’s book “The Mayan Code” that truly gives a visual for the place we are playing in the world of energy and consciousness.  I believe that what Mark is calling the threshold of the 8th Dimension is the line between black holes and white holes—the other side of matter—the dividing line between current consciousness and what we will see after 2012.  This is significant because only by changing the foundation and structure of how we experience consciousness, can we create the world we want.  Join us in not just waiting for 2012, but in actually co-creating the consciousness that the Mayas foretold.


 Here are some Questions and Answers that Jonette channeled from Mark during our first class.


Q. “What do we need to know about this time and the near future?”


Mark: “ This too will pass.  Remind yourself that in your life your greatest spiritual gifts and your greatest personal growth, has happened after a period of falling apart in your life.  Realize that if that’s true in your life it could well be true in the life of the world.  Know that you are called upon to integrate more with the earth, the elementals, and the energies of trees, plants, water and nature.  Mankind has been so alienated from its very roots; it was only a matter of time before the tree dies with the root system disconnected.  This is really a time to connect more deeply to Mother Earth.  Spend that time in your garden, sitting and looking at the moon, the stars, the sunrise, the sunset, and find the simpler part of you that touches the Earth.  You will have more power and life force coming through you and you will be guided in better day-to-day decisions that keep you and your families financially safe.”

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