MARK Channeled by Jonette  July 1, 2013

What is happening now in the universe is a great re-crystallization...There is a re-patterning at a fundamental level that is making way for the 12th dimension.” Mark

Welcome mavericks. This is Mark.

A maverick is one who doesn’t always follow the rules but is empowered in themselves to be just who they are. Mavericks don’t always follow the crowd nor travel in herds. These are times that fit a maverick personality—ones who go forward without clear mission statements and irrespective of everyone else’s timing. What is happening now in the universe is a great re-crystallization, but the matter--the material isn’t crystal. You’ll have to use your imagination to understand what re-crystallization is when it’s not material. It’s an invisible re-crystallization.

There is a re-patterning at a fundamental level that is making way for the 12th dimension. The 12th dimension is impossible to describe. You have begun to taste a bit of the 9th dimension--where you feel each element of the hologram intricately interrelating to each other element of the hologram. It’s not that a singular element is relating to another singular identity -- it’s a multiplicity relating to a multiplicity of other options. So this complexity is built into the 9th dimension.

The work we are doing now is based on the 8th dimension which is the void aspect of the quantum world-- the void-- where everything is in potential but nothing is manifest. The next level of experience for you is where the veils are lifted and what appears to be the void is no longer null. You begin to sense the impossibly complex interrelationship between everything in the hologram of the universe with everything else, through time and space and beyond time and space. Right now you are blissfully in the emptiness, the doorway, the 8th dimension. As you gain skills based on love, wisdom and empowerment, you will begin to be able to be safe when we help push you into the overwhelmingly complicated 9th dimension. In order to experience the 9th dimension as a maverick, you can no longer be a singularity. You must very much relate to yourself as a multiplicity, as each and every element of an infinite hologram.

These higher dimensions will not feel safe and cozy—not that the 8th dimension did either. The re-crystallization in the universe is a response to those of you who are knocking on the door of the higher dimensions. Please understand this, before you intend to knock on the door, there is no door. The door is just an option in the soup of potentials. As soon as you intend to knock on the door, the door appears from out of the reservoir of potentials. What is behind the door doesn’t exist until the door opens. The complexity  of the 9th dimension requires you to be stable in tremendous uncertainty. Because, as the door opens, the re-crystallization occurs in the same moment. The re-crystallization is a materialization of infinite potentials that were only potentials before.

The power you are gaining in this and previous courses allows you to be self-referencing, self-supporting, self-confident, and empowered so that you trust ultimately in your higher senses. This is vital because when you knock on a door that wasn’t there a second before, and crystallize a world that didn’t exist before the door opened, you are willing to know yourself as Creator.

After Love, Wisdom and Power is Service, yet it’s more than that -- it is Creation --Creation in service. When you give up limitations, your world gets very messy and your response is to simplify. Humanity has in some respects been going backwards. For those of you who are conscientiously on a conscious path, your consciousness is expanding. However, there are billions of people whose connection to the outside world is stronger than their connection inside; as a result they are not self-referencing, not self-confident. They are morphing to whatever is in fashion, morphing to current events. In those ways, humanity is losing its wisdom.

These are such important times for those who are dedicated and aware to trust your hearts, to trust the love in your hearts, and to shine like a rock star out into the universe. It is important not to worry about what other people say or think, because other people are not your guides.

Mark channeled by Jonette Crowley, copyright 2013. (303) 689-9318.

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