Rediscovering the Magdalene

Rediscovering the Magdalene

Jonette will be leading a group to France this month to 'Rediscover the Magdalene'. Since the tour sold out quickly, we are sharing this channeling so that all can connect to the journey and the Awakening of God/Goddess within you.  You can join us energetically by purchasing the ‘Rediscovering the Magdalene’ Channeling package with audios and some videos of Jonette’s channelings and activations during this journey.

Jonette's next spiritual tour will be to Australia & New Zealand in Oct/Nov 2017

'MARK' and White Eagle on Awakening Channeled by Jonette Crowley

Rediscovering the Magdalene
Art by Pamela Mathews

Welcome, Knights and Ladies of the Goddess!  This is 'MARK' with White Eagle

2017 is the Year of Awakening. You are awakening patterns that have not thrived on Earth for thousands of years. These patterns are dormant in the places you visit. They are dormant in you. When you visit a place where the patterns of Awakening are waiting, there is a chemistry that opens up gateways of immediate transformation. Use your ability to remain in balance so that the intensity is smooth and playful rather than overwhelming in any way.

Joy and the ability to transmute everything into joy will be a theme of this journey and of these times. Fun is as important to the big picture as are your deep meditations. There is no separation between the secular and the sacred. The goddess comes to heal that apparent separation.

"The goddess within all is moving from the background to the foreground." 

This means that you will be aware of subtle knowledge and subtle energies that prior to this were below your radar. All of you will be more sensitive. This sensitivity will come with knowledge. It brings you inspired awareness rather than sensory overload. Inspired awareness is the goal of increased sensitivity. The awareness will be self awareness and also greater awareness of the stellar plan for humanity. Although your group will be visiting historical places, places of the goddess, the perspective will be one that is outside time. It will bring a more stellar viewpoint to your life and to Earth’s transitions.

As always when you gather together in spiritual community, there is deep clearing of the planet. The raising planetary vibration harmonizes that which has been disruptive. This comes with a warning— as you prepare for the journey you may feel disrupted, anxious, moody. This is the experience of the disharmony before it becomes harmonized. Don’t take any of your anxiety too seriously.

Some of the magic on this journey will be your connecting to the Inner Earth Beings and the beings who are the ‘Wardens of Time.’  There will be a sense of timelessness with much work being done in the higher dimensions beyond time.

In preparation, always, always be sure you’re grounded. Use Soul Body Fusion®.

"Open your heart to the magic of the unseen world. The energies that are swirling around humanity are creating uncertainty and chaos. Yet, it’s when those energies are stirred up that they are free to create a new planetary structure."

 That’s why we say don’t take the chaos, the disruptions too seriously. It is essential that things are stirred up and lifted so that they can be reorganized in new geometric patterns that serve the Divine Feminine and harmony more than they serve conflict and lack.

You ask how can you prepare for this journey. We don’t want you to be so prepared that you think the preparation was important. The preparation has been done. You’ve answered the call to come. You will be getting downloads from Mother Earth, from the goddess, from your own higher self. You integrate these awakening energies with the help of the group. Then you upload the newly integrated patterns into the ‘I-cloud’ for all humanity. You will constantly be receiving downloads and integrating and uploading the new energies into something that’s much more accessible for all of humanity. You’ve been called to be synthesizers of new energy; placing it in the Akasha for other’s to find.    

The mythology of the historical Magdalene is fascinating but none of it is as important as the open-hearted curiosity and the energies you already carry when you arrive as a group. Mary Magdalene could not script this group any better than it has scripted itself. Don’t give your energy to past goddesses—thinking that they are more important, more wise, more loving, more enlightened than the possibility you hold.

It is a journey of awakening. It is a trip focused on the present and the future, although some of the triggers will be historical. It is about rediscovering the Magdalene, the goddess, the Sophia, the wisdom in each of you and uploading that into all humanity.

How does this France journey connect to the Australia and New Zealand trips this fall?

Rediscovering the Magdalene
Seven Sister Dreaming by Alma Nungarrayi Granites

Connections to the star systems of the Pleiades are very important in some of the places you will go in France. You will sense their energy in some of the caves or mountains. These are the same ‘song-lines’ of the Aboriginals. Although you will be in France, you will be walking part of the song-lines of Aboriginals. Physicists would call them quantum wormholes. You will be traveling in Dreamtime even as you are touring in southern France.

When you arrive in Australia some of the song-lines, the wormholes will need to be opened. Some of that opening your group will do in France. Some of the opening the Aboriginals and other native people are doing now. Your multidimensional ability to move through these song-lines will be fine tuned during the France journey. Even as we say this, new doorways of multidimensional potential are opening.

Teachers have often said that grace descends. In these journeys—France, Australia, New Zealand, Tibet, and any other journeys that you go on (not necessarily with Jonette), you will understand that grace does not descend. It is created. With that, we thank you. This is 'MARK'.

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