Still Hitting Resistance and Chaos?

This year 2018—The Year of Activations— brings with it a strong impulse to grow. Yet, inside ourselves we’re still meeting resistance and chaos. For 30 years I’ve watched and researched the expansion of human consciousness—I’ve NEVER seen the growth potential that is available now! BUT we need more help than ever before to take advantage of it, otherwise we are left sputtering and reeling with all the changes.

I see 3 main reactions to the energies of growth and change that are bombarding us from every direction.

Which one are you?

  1. You’ve cleared up most things in your life, but are now bumping up against some big changes or decisions that you need to make…but you’re stuck…indecisive…not confident. You can't hide anymore from some core issues of self-sabotage. And it’s pushing all the buttons you thought you had already handled.

  2. You’re angry or disheartened, asking: Why are the changes in my life or the world taking so long? Where is the payback we’ve been promised when we commit to our spiritual growth? Why isn’t it working? What’s wrong with me? 

  3. Your life is good, you’re growing and you trust yourself in new ways. Now you’re reaching out, asking: “What can I do to help my loved ones? Others? Mother Earth? What is my part now?"

"You need you to be the greatest self you can be—aware and strong, and the world needs that from you too"

Jonette Crowley

Because of the strength of the winds of energetic change now, we can use it to sail into our highest potential, or be knocked around, not able to raise our sail to move forward. It is essential that we use the group field, gathering in person whenever possible. Even with the blessings of technology, we get so much more when we are physically together in a powerful group.

For this reason I’m teaching 2 new workshops in Europe this spring. In some countries I’ll also be teaching an advanced—Quantum Soul Body Fusion ® course. I urge you to make time for yourself this spring and join us.


Together we can achieve new levels of happiness.

Opening Your Quantum Brain:

Evolving into an Awakened Human

One-day workshop with Jonette


“For spiritual growth you must first activate your heart,

then your brain, and finally your DNA"


Our goal in this one-day class is to teach you to open your creative, intuitive and wholistic right brain and to build a permanent bridge across both hemispheres and then into the higher realms. This whole brain coherence is part of evolving your 'Quantum Brain.' At this level your mind learns to process holistically, holographically, and beyond time/space— in short, your brain becomes a fully functioning partner in your spiritual evolution, as it was always meant to be. You won’t believe the changes this begins to make in your thinking and your life!

    • You have greater access to KNOWING.

    • Your intuition and creativity are expanded.

    • You experience the peace of whole-brain coherence.

    • You trust yourself to a higher degree.

    • You become more interconnected to Nature and the higher realms.

    • You begin to transcend what seemed to be issues before.

For the past year Jonette has been studying the brain changes necessary for us to get to the next step of our spiritual evolution. She has worked with doctors who have studied her enhanced brain waves. During this workshop Jonette transmits instantaneous brain activations that creates absolute changes in the consciousness level of all who are present.

We suggest taking both  ‘Opening Your Quantum Brain’ and ‘Beyond the Matrix’  workshops together for a deeper experience.

Beyond the Matrix—

Skills for Breakthrough Consciousness

Jonette channeling MARK


Even with all we do for our spiritual growth, we are still stuck in the old Matrix of mass consciousness based on fear.

We're  limited by the critical voices in our head, what other people think, the fear of lack, or just our old habits of smallness.

But that doesn't have to be our reality…

Humanity has finally reached the point where we can use our well-tuned consciousness to travel into the quantum field of all potentials. We navigate the highest dimensions to find ourselves beyond the matrix of limitations, even beyond space/time itself. It is here that you can evolve your heart, mind, body, and life; ultimately opening the space for all humanity to evolve into the the new human, a being of Light— 'Homo Luminous.’

Jonette has been shown that there is a dark or ‘false matrix’ around the Earth that has served to limit us, keeping us in fear and conflict; unable to reach the love and light that was our original destiny. She prayed for a way to unhook this dark matrix to reach the true Matrix of Light or Crystalline Matrix beyond.

Then in a cave sacred to the Aboriginals in the remote center of Australia, she received the ‘Grandmother Codes.’ These are creation codes from the stars; energy packets that hold mankind’s original, unaltered DNA. This original template silently reconfigures your DNA, enabling you to connect to a higher world, accessing a part of you that has always been beyond the veil. You know yourself as a portal of the divine matrix on Earth.

In this Year of Activations Jonette and MARK will bring through whatever initiations and activations you and the group are ready for. These are always powerful - bringing you leading edge breakthroughs that take you into realms that have only been accessible in the ancient mystery schools.

    • You become permanently anchored in the Light…with all its power and goodness

    • You receive the ‘Grandmother Codes’ our original, unaltered DNA

    • You learn how to bring your intentions into form

    • You experience the 10th dimension— Relativity…the relationship to you and all things

    • You understand yourself as a Quantum being and how to use these skills

    • You FEEL the support of angels, guides and helper beings…that you couldn’t reach before

Now you can truly be aligned to the highest and best potentials for yourself and all of humanity! There are no words to describe how life-changing it is to BREAK THROUGH limitations— Beyond the Matrix!

Jonette, channeling the cosmic teacher MARK, has been on the leading edge of consciousness exploration since 1989. She channels complex frequency fields that can give you an immediate experience of unity consciousness, love and ecstasy. These frequency fields entrain with your own crystalline light body, updating your electromagnetic bio-fields. This gives you access to the energies and wisdom of the highest realms. You can literally feel the realignment and the life force energy running through you!


"I love it! This work not only helps me to realize my true nature, to see the relativity of my 3D life, but it also propels me into very blissful and ecstatic states. This helps me to remember all of my relations and beyond!"

"I really feel clear and clean about who I am. There was magic there and I appreciate that!”


"I am so grateful that I came. I feel like I've been brought to tears so many different moments today. I've never been led through the dimensions like this before. You outlined it so simply and clearly and so much love and humility. It was really a blessing.”

"I am so excited about the magic that happens. Life really changes. I feel this is why I'm here, to do this kind of work together and to create the world we really want. Things can really be so graceful! Thank you. Thank you!”

Soul Body Fusion® AMPLIFIED! or

Quantum Soul Body Fusion®

Soul Body Fusion® Amplified

"Each of us has a beautiful soul, but many of us are often unable to fully integrate it into the physical body. We live our lives virtually with the handbrake on and are unable to attract the health, wealth and well being that are our birthright" - Jonette

Now that you’ve learned and practiced the basics of Soul Body Fusion®, you’re ready to take it even deeper. Soul Body Fusion® can change your life in the most unexpected ways. In this day of deepening you’ll have a greater experience of:

      • The divinity of your body

      • Messages from your Soul

      • Trusting yourself more deeply

      • A stronger connection with Mother Earth

      • Energetic activations that Jonette brings through…

Spend a magical day experiencing even more of the potential of

Soul Body Fusion®!

Offered only in Berlin, Salzburg and Bucharest.This class is open only to people who have already taken the standard Soul Body Fusion® course.

*This is normally a weekend course, but in Warsaw and Salzburg it is offered in a 1-day version. We suggest taking both ‘Opening Your Quantum Brain’ and ‘Beyond the Matrix’  workshops together for a deeper experience.

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Warsaw, Poland
April 6th-8th, 2018

Copenhagen, Denmark
April 13th-15th, 2018

Berlin, Germany
April 27th-29th, 2018

Salzburg, Austria
May 4th-6th, 2018

Zurich, Switzerland
May 10th-13th, 2018

Bucharest, Romania
May 17th-27th, 2018

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