Sacred Calling Virtual Retreat
Hello, Fellow Spiritual Adventurers!

I’m Jonette Crowley an internationally known channel with two books published in 12 languages, on-line courses, workshops, and spiritual adventure tours.

I think you'll love this 23-minute video that has a channeled quantum process that aligns you with the divine flow of your unique highest possible potential…even if you have no idea what it is.  It uses the quantum field or zero point to take you out of time/space so the outcome is miraculous but unknowable. You do this meditation from a space of expansion and surrender, not intending anything specific. You open to what your quantum self wants to bring you from the Universe of all potentials. Enjoy!

with Love & Light,



Jonette in Sedona

Gift Video 'Calling in Your Highest Possibilities'

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Jonette gave you a taste of the Soul Body Fusion® process...

If you would like to learn more about Soul Body Fusion® click below to watch a video transmission from Jonette, order the book, find a teacher in your area or purchase energized Solar Grail Jewelry.

They Call Us Channelers

Jonette recently did an interview about the journey of channeling and multi-dimensionality on the Kevin Moore docuseries exploring channeling. 
We think you’ll enjoy this video interview and the opportunity to Meet MARK, Jonette's spirit guide.
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