September 11 at 11AM, a 11 minute World Peace Meditation!

(Please spread the word!)

This is an invitation to join Us on Thursday the 11th of September, 11.00 AM, during eleven minutes, for a Global Peace Meditation.

My heart is reaching out to every one of You in this great moment of need for social healing and social justice.

earthBy setting our shared intention to ease the pain and help lift the burden for those going through conflicts, war, trauma or other hardship all around the world, it is my deepest belief that we collectively are able to lift the energies into a state of calmness and stability, as well as open up space for empathy and inner reflections. And by so doing, we help bring forth opportunities to conflict solutions built on respect and trust and healthier dialogues of peace.

Wherever there is a group of people with shared intention, there is an opportunity to make a deep and profound difference – and this is such a time!

By joining Us on Thursday the 11th of September, at 11.00 AM, during eleven minutes, You will be an important piece of the global puzzle to make this shift possible for humanity.

It might be during your lunch break, sitting on a bus or you might even be able to sit comfortable in a garden. Please do whatever You can to join Us during this Global Peace Meditation, because You are all so very much needed.

I warmly appreciate if You have the possibility to pass this message forward to Your friends, via mail, Facebook or Twitter etcetera.

Will You join Us? I hope You do.

With much love and gratitude.

Helene M Stromberg & Jonette Crowley

(CopyRight 2014

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