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Quantum’ Chakra Clearing and Balancing Series

We will focus on ‘quantum’ re-alignment and balancing of each of our 7 chakras. More than a singular clearing at an individual level, our process will move into the collective consciousness, unhooking us from ALL THE PATTERNS and baggage that has been collected for eternity and attached to our chakra system and imprisoned us in old energies! The result is a movement beyond thought forms into the true essence and power of our chakras —as gateways to energy, interconnection, and enlightenment!

Root Chakra, 1st Meditation

We begin our extraordinary journey with our base or root chakra, moving us from instinctual survival to a true connection with Earth and life force energy. It is the opening of the gateway for the kundalini, the feminine shakti or power of raw creation!

Sacral Chakra, 2nd Meditation

We continue our process with our second or sacral chakra— known as the relationship chakra. This opens up our creativity, sexuality, abundance, emotions, and connectedness.

Solar Plexus Chakra, 3rd Meditation

The 3rd chakra is the core of our identity, power, drive, and self-worth.  Healing our karmic and collective third chakra issues releases us from the dance of controlling or being controlled. We are freed up to act responsibly, making choices that further our sense of self. Identity becomes more authentic, allowing us to move beyond either aggression or defensiveness. Deep anger and smoldering resentment begin to be healed in the true golden fire of our solar plexus center. When we clear the hooks and barbs that others hold onto us here, we make room for ourselves. The empowered and awakened solar plexus chakra is truly where the radiant light of our soul becomes seated and centered. When you are cleared and open here you may notice the immensity of spinning doorways, allowing you access to other worlds. I have always traveled out through my heart, so  I was amazed by the kaleidoscopic universe that presented itself to me once I experienced this quantum chakra clearing.

Heart Chakra, 4th Meditation

Most of us are limited in our spiritual growth by the blocks in our Heart Center. We are disconnected, dissatisfied, numb or hurting... We've stuffed our emotions for so long we have lost our ability to truly feel. This month’s meditation opens all the gates, as our heart is our connection to the cosmos.

The Throat Center, 5th Meditation

Our ability to communicate, express ourselves, feel creative, be heard, speak our truth without ’swallowing our feelings’ is all a function of a healthy, open, and balanced 5th chakra — our throat center—the center for trust issues.

Third Eye, 6th Meditation

Since the time of Lemuria our 6th chakra — the 3rd eye, our intuition center, and ‘ 6th-sense’ have been closed down. We are blinded by illusions and materialism, unable to use our full capacity of knowing, 'shamanic seeing,’ and access higher inner wisdom.

Crown Chakra, 7th Meditation

This meditation culminates our 7 months of work with our body's chakra system. Experience yourself lifted through the doors of separation into communion with all-that-is as your thousand-petaled lotus opens up. Feel transcendence and grace revitalize all your energy centers -- leaving you radiant, balanced, and whole!

Halo Chakra, 8th Meditation

This energy node above your head, also known as the ‘Soul Star,’ is the chakra for your entire aura. It is the entry point for the clear white light of your luminous body. This mediation helps clear and balance this transpersonal or spiritual center, giving you a glimpse of your soul’s greater purpose and patterns. This is a momentous meditation that continues building the health and balance of the traditional 7 physical chakras.

Spirit Chakra, 9th Meditation

This center, several feet above your head, holds the keys to our Soul's Master Plan through all our lives. Opening it helps us understand our Soul's destiny so we can create a life that reflects our ultimate highest purpose. This chakra, when activated and balanced, helps open up our vast multi-dimensional nature.

Earth Star Chakra, 10th Meditation

This month’s meditation connects us to the Earth / Nature and all 3D reality in a way that strengthens and illuminates all of our energy centers and meridians. As we integrate this center deep in the Earth, we experience an immense life force vibration that blasts us open to a new level of self-awakening. This provides grounding for our more cosmic centers —the 11th and 12th chakras.

Awakening the Spirit Chakra, 11th Meditation

This is one of the most beautiful meditations of awakening that you can experience. We are pulled into and through this node of advanced spiritual gifts. We are lifted above restrictions of time/space. We feel re-born, re-enlivened at entirely new realms of personal being beyond limits. We are smoothly radiant in a new Light!

12th Chakra of Collective Mastery, the ‘Orozone', 12th Meditation

In 1988 MARK mentioned this as the first group or collective chakra. It is located between your skull and spine at the back of your neck. The Essenes who taught Jesus called it a powerful center that only the Masters knew anything about. It is awakening now to bring us into the flow of Collective Mastery — group Enlightenment. It is connected to the 12 Sun Discs and 12 Crystal Skulls.

Chakra of Transcendence, 13th Meditation

This represents the grand culmination of all of our Quantum chakra work. The 12 chakras become One in an explosive merging of brilliant light…enlightenment…radiance… taking you through a gateway of illuminating being. You emerge on an entirely different plane.

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