2023 Monthly Meditation Membership Start May

$25.00 now, and $25.00 on the 6th of each month

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First payment: December 6, 2023


About this Month's Meditation

Dare to Be You!

“Expansive growth explodes open.”

This meditation guides you into a shamanic world to release and burn away what no longer serves you. A vast field of well-being upgrades you— body and soul. No hiding. No apologies.

You are ready to walk away from the past, owning your magnificence, energized with clarity and empowered intention. You know yourself as the shining unfoldment of your Soul.

About this 2023 Monthly Meditation Series

Lead Your Life

“Your destiny is in your hands”

In this series of monthly meditations, you are invited to a higher level of personal leadership. Through channeled meditations, you’re guided to be in your power, find your own voice, trust your vision, stop waiting for permission, live in joy, rise to challenges, focus on creating your future, and make bold choices for yourself.

We’ve all been playing as pawns on an outdated chessboard. The energies now demand us to embrace the power of kings and queens. Then to make new moves. Then to change the chessboard itself.  And finally, to change the game. We are transforming humanity by our example.

The difference between a leader and a follower isn’t what you know; it is you don’t wait for someone else.  Your destiny is in your hands.

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