5 Solar Grail Earrings


This deal is for ACTIVE Soul Body Fusion TEACHERS ONLY!

The original SOLAR GRAIL EARRINGS, sterling silver and crystal pierced dangle earrings, approx. 1.25″ long.



This deal is for ACTIVE Soul Body Fusion TEACHERS ONLY!   We offer 5 earrings at wholesale for teachers to sale at their Soul Body Fusion events.

Brain balancing & integration through these specially energized earrings!

These beautiful, handmade  crystal and silver earrings are designed to hold the energies of the solar disc and the grail codes—the symbol of embodied divinity, of the goddess. The quartz crystal holds the energy of our higher vibration—Soul. The design indicates our ‘Christed’ or inspirited self. It is the same symbol found in ancient Egypt as the crown of Isis, Hor us, and Hathor–the sign of the gods.  The shape of the silver represents the Holy Grail—our body as a vessel for our Light. The earrings are unique in that there is a left and right side. Jonette energizes and blesses these specifically for you. They help balance your left and right brain, stabilizing your field and allowing you to hold even more of your Divinity. These earrings and the Solar Grail necklace are crystal receivers that act as continual Soul Body Fusions.

The Solar Grail is the sign of Soul Body Fusion®–a process of bringing our full light into our body. It is also a symbol of the merging of the Sun Disc energies of Lemuria with the Grail Codes of Atlantis. We are claiming our divinity too, when we wear this beautiful piece of jewelry.


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