Activations for Life – Complete Series


Activations for Life is a series of 12 transformative activations, plus 2 bonus meditations, that tap into the special energies available to bring you powerful consciousness updates for your light.  Jonette recorded many of these meditations in power spots all over the world, such as Glastonbury, UK; Transylvania, Romania; Papua, Indonesia and the mountains of Colorado, Switzerland and Tibet. 

Activations for Life

The Activations for Life Series is a series of 12 transformative meditations that tap into the special energies available to bring you powerful consciousness updates for your light.

  1. Allow Magnificence: Focuses on ‘Holy Allowing,’ bringing you a higher flow of cosmic support and active empowerment.
  2. Transcendent Re-organizing Principal: An activation from the Star Elders that is a major transmission that reorganizes all levels of self beginning with our atoms.
  3. Activation of Light Meridians: Upgrades our Electric Circuitry which allows us to fully embody our Light Potential. Do this meditation monthly to help you with the ascension/embodiment process.
  4.  An Activation of Magic:  This Excalibur Activation was recorded in Glastonbury, England and holds the energy and magic of Avalon!
  5. Crystal Mountain Activation:  A clearing which brings mountain energy to you from Austria and Switzerland where you’ll connect with the mountains’ natural uplifting vortex.
  6. Transylvania Sun Disc Activations:  A 2 part meditation, Part 1 is a Temple Meditation and Part 2 is a Sun Disc Activation to allow you to take back your power and release hidden energies and secrets, moving through the false grids of limitation.
  7. Activating Your Greater Self:  Go you beyond your small self and its limitations. You experience energetic regeneration at a level of greatness that you haven’t been able to hold until now. You manifest higher values and greater personal potential as your ‘Creative Dreamer’ becomes activated. And feel yourself expand into being an activator of greatness for those around you.
  8. Activation of Forgiveness:  Forgiving - especially deep self-forgiveness and accepting forgiveness from others through all your lifetimes is the crux of this foundational activation. Actively forgiving opens your heart and releases deep pain that blocks life force energy. This Activation goes to levels of clearing that you haven’t been ready to do before now. You feel reborn spiritually and cellularly.
  9. Activation for Abundance & Flow:  We are moving into an entirely new flow of life force energy that brings us abundance on every level. This meditation leads you to surrender into the cosmic flow of creation where you embody the frequency of abundance. You're left at a higher state that literally tingles throughout your body.
    • BONUS: Activation of Ascension:  This activation from the Himalayas guides you to seek awakening in the nothing, no-thing. You experience an alchemy of expanded golden consciousness, then an explosion of holiness. Finally knowing yourself as unbounded Universal Light.
  10. Crown Activation of the Golden Lotus:  Inspired by initiations that took place when our group was in Tibet. Mount Everest, known to the Tibetans as the ‘Goddess Mother of the World' is the physical crown of Earth. Mount Kailash, the world’s holiest mountain, a place of pilgrimage for Buddhists and Hindus, is known as the crown chakra of Earth. Together these places hold tremendous power to activate our crown chakras to a higher level of spiritual input. The visualization is a golden lotus opening up on the top of your head, its golden stem moving down your spine to the Earth. This aligns and activates all our centers, connecting the cosmos, us and mother Earth.
  11. Activation of Strength:  This Activation brings healing for all the deep fears we carry, fears that drive us but may be unacknowledged. MARK channeled recently that we "are run by our fear of the pain of loss." This meditation is an immediate transmission of fearlessness, confidence and trust in ourselves. Fear and anxiety drop away in the powerful space that Jonette channels here.
    • BONUS Meditation-Calming Anxiety:  As an added bonus, Jonette gives you an 8-minute meditation that you can use to ground yourself whenever you are anxious, or your head is spinning with confusion or worry.
  12. Activation of Life Force Energy:  Be activated by the powerful, harmonious life force of Nature.  Unplug from stress. Join her in the purifying aliveness that resets you to tranquility, to the underlying flow, to the richness and abundance of life on Earth. This meditation is a rejuvenating vacation!  Jonette recorded this on a boat in remote Papua, Indonesia.

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