Ashtatara Magnifi-Essence 10ml


Magnifi-Essence blessed by Jonette and imbued with the goddess energy of Ashtatara. Use to support rebirth in your own glorious divinity. 

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Ashtatara Magnifi-Essence

Small Bottle - 10 ml

The Ashtatara essence is blessed by Jonette and soaked with the goddess energy of Ashtatara. Magnifi-Essence is a glorious Goddess Essence born alchemically of tiny starseed crystals, amethyst, a pearl of beauty and laughter, Peruvian gold for prosperity, white orchid, and rose petal essence of the Roses 'Queen of Light'.

These beautiful drops support rebirth in your own glorious divinity. Magnifi-Essence has multi-dimensional access to the highest planes of beauty, feminine empowerment, for healing and for spiritual expansion. Use a drop to anoint your chakras, especially your third eye and crown. Use a drop or two on your body where ever you are stuck or need extra healing and support. Put it where ever you have pain for quick relief. You can even put a few drops in a glass of water and sip it throughout the day. People have noticed that it immediately expands the aura and opens doors for more meaningful meditation.

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Created out of pure love by Jonette Crowley and Maria Gambel.


“This isn't so much about the aroma of the essence, but rather a full sensory experience of expansion!” Julie, USA

Behold, I am Ashtatara,

Let wings unfold and hearts take flight

Let hearts of gold dull the sword of might

Let chains of time become dust

Let mountains move aside

For today is born a humankind

not witnessed for thousands of years.

Today is born you.


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