Awakening to the 6th Dimension Audio Download


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Awakening to the 6th dimension or ‘Magnetic Universe.’ Experience yourself anchored in the high realm of Oneness—sometimes called the “Miracles Space” or “Truth Space.” It is a dimension of being, truly effortless. We also journey to the “Amethyst Temple” a world of high nurturing and initiation.

Awakening in the Higher Dimensions

Jonette will take the roadmap that MARK has channeled over the last 16 years to lead us through a clear experience of our multi-dimensional existence that is grounded in our 3-D material world. MARK took 2 years of channeled courses to bring us a full experience of each of the higher dimensions. Jonette will bring you a clear, empowered experience in a single monthly meditation that you can listen to again and again.

The goal is to grasp our own spiritual emergence as it is reflected in each of the higher dimensions. This series will give us the breakthrough to truly emerge into our greater self! We start with the first 3-dimensions, then work with the 4th through 9th dimensions.

Mastery in the 3-D  – We will begin the year grounding our spiritual existence into our 3-D world. We first look at the role fear plays in our life. Then the expansive process empowers our personal and collective mastery in the material realm. Click here to order this single meditation.

4th Dimension of Light and Energy. This process works with our energy body to build harmony, expansiveness and health. Next we use the doorway of the 4-D to connect with Nature and the greater world. We practice the 4 steps of noticing, intending, allowing and feeling gratitude. You’ll feel harmonized with the entire world of vibration and energy, retaining the highest frequency possible. Exquisite! Click here to order this single meditation.

Initiation in the 5th Dimension — Sacred Geometry Initiation and Personal Code Activation –  This process is a personal Initiation using the power of geometric symbols, the Light Body or Merkabah, and your personal codes. It is POWERFUL! It takes you from “I Want”… where most of us are stuck; to “I AM”… a level of personal transcendence.  Click here to order this single meditation.