Balancing in Crisis channeling #2


#2 of 3 in MARK’s special coronavirus-related channeling – zoom replay

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Balancing in Crisis channeling #3

Recorded Thursday, May 7 - Replay now available

#3 of 3 in MARK's special coronavirus-related channeling on how to maintain balance in these challenging times.


Special Coronavirus channeling from MARK: Balancing in Crisis  #2

Hundreds of people from all over the world joined Jonette for MARK's 1st coronavirus channeling "Spring Equinox  -Keeping Balance in the Face of Fear".  During this amazing channeling, MARK suggested Jonette bring people together again in April and May. So join us Tuesday, April 14 and Thursday, May 7 for "Balancing in Crisis #2 & #3" 

In light of the uncertainty and panic that is now gripping the world, MARK's meditations help us to anchor the energies of balance back into our human experience. MARK wants us to understand that our vibration can disarm anything since everything is fundamentally energy. Jonette will channel about what is happening now from a spiritual perspective while giving us ideas on how to keep ourselves neutral in the rising tide of fear. MARK will answer questions and will guide us all in meditation aimed at keeping our frequency high.

Includes an invitation to Zoom Livestream and access to the video and audio replay.

Comments from MARK Channeling #1 on the Spring Equinox

"I felt and saw so much lifting out f me and going to the light. This was a very powerful event. Thank you Jonette" - Janet, USA

"Thank you MARK and Jonette, deep spring cleaning indeed! Bye Bye karma thank you for all the lessons! I feel so loved, light and expanded again." 

"Yes, birthing of new consciousness… new space…When „I” is replaced with „We” even Illness becomes Wellness." Ewa, Poland