Beyond Betrayal MM0721


This meditation addresses three levels: betrayal by others, self-betrayal, and ‘birth betrayal’, which is feeling abandoned by God. 

Meditations for Personal Support & Growth Beyond Betrayal

#7 of 12

We seed hopefulness into the field of quantum potentials from which we create our own lives and the future of our planet. Humanity has lost hope so often that it no longer dares to imagine what might be possible. In this meditation you interact with the higher beings of Light to re-install hopefulness…and fun… back into the fabric of unlimited possibilities for yourself, loved ones and all the human community. Hope is what lifts us out of the matrix where we have been stuck for millennia. You dare to dare! It will leave your cells smiling. :-)!

Meditation Series Personal Support and Growth

We long to be supported in creating a happier, healthier, more fulfilling everyday life.

This Meditation Series is laser-focused to enhance your personal growth and guide you through processes that address the emotions and patterns that entrap you back into old reactions of anger, fear, sadness, or insecurity; and on the other side strengthen your flow, self-empowerment, calmness, health and deep happiness.

Jonette channels transformational meditations that take advantage of the different energies and openings each month. The meditations become a vortex, a sacred space of interdimensional support.

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