Cosmic Inheritance Transmission Audio Download


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Cosmic Inheritance Transmission

You will be permanently changed in ways you’ve been working toward probably forever!  Jonette

The first MARK class of 2016 was on January 11th and was a very special one that we are going to share as a single!  As a group, we could tell that something momentous had shifted in all of us. The transmission contains the essence that we’ve been building for at least the last 10 years of work with MARK. It was an unexpected and spontaneous Spiritual Graduation…. but even that description is way too small. Your thinking and body will fell different; less sticky and resistant, more liberated. You will have less worry and more care and a DEEP emotional healing.  Experience it now!

This was class 5 of The Treasures From Beyond Part II: Being Your Quantum Self.  Click here for more information about the course and to order the full series.