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CREATION Course Trilogy

For 3 years we have been building to this summit in our Monday night on-going ‘MARK’ channeled courses. We have completed 3 courses each focusing on LOVE, WISDOM, POWER. They form the base of a 3-sided pyramid, whose summit is CREATION!

Here is what MARK says about the new CREATION series:

“CREATION is the ultimate goal of the grounded, awakened, self-realized human. You will move from hoping and praying to deciding and creating. The Universe creates through you. This series will rapidly unplug, unknot and dissolve obstacles to flow. Esoterically speaking, it is the graduation from being Priests and Priestesses to being Gods and Goddesses. People will experience a tsunami of possibilities– and they must be grounded in Love, Wisdom, and Power. The Universal Fire will shine through creative hearts. Creation isn’t anything like being creative: it is about manifesting worlds! The tide is turned—humanity cannot be meek. CREATION allows slaves to become Masters.”


3. Power

I. Love                          2. Wisdom

 The CREATION Trilogy is 3-courses, each with 8 classes: Part I – PURE CREATION; Part II – MANIFESTING CREATION; PartIII – CREATION IN SERVICE

The focus in CREATION Part I will be working as a team to go beyond simply manifesting.

“What’s coming up beyond Power is not about MARK anymore. It’s about YOU. It’s really about a team. You have accelerated so much more than students. With you all on our team, it’s a whole different game.” Mark

  • Are you eager to create whatever you want?
  • Are you ready to be part of a cosmic and human team?
  • Are you prepared to do more than just dream of that future?

Join Mark as your cosmic travel guide, training you to understand and experience Quantum Consciousness at a level that is both deeply personal and profound. We build on recent courses expanding our access to energies of Power, Love and Wisdom. These provide the foundation for a whole new level of operation: CREATION.

MARK says:

“This is not just manifesting. It is so much bigger than your human essence. This is beyond transformation because it is beyond form. You cannot be a Creator when you have any needs. A Creator has no need to create and thus creation is. So when you bring your focus inside yourself look at transcending above need—including a need for the answers—because even that is too limited for creation.”

These on-going channeled classes are truly on the cutting edge of consciousness. Mark teaches by taking you to extraordinary states of grounded expansion, then explaining where you’ve been. Most journeys are beyond words, re-wiring you to be aware of vast dimensions outside of the ordinary. Feel free to join in, even if you have not listened to Power, Love, or Wisdom. Let your intuition be your guide. If you wish to listen to a sample of Mark’s work in the Power series Click here You are changed. Not taught. CREATION, Part I

“We want you to begin to believe in miracles, magic, the impossible, the unbelievable, the not-understandable, the improbable. We want mankind as much as possible to break through any barriers of thought.” Mark

Note from Jonette:
In the past I have been hesitant to write too much about Mark because his style of experiential consciousness exploration is quite advanced and didn’t always appeal to beginners on the spiritual path. I just hoped that the people who were drawn to this accelerated work would feel it and come along and listen to the on-going Mark classes. And they have. There are groups all over the world who meet and listen to the Mark courses together on a regular basis.

With the openings since 2012 I the entire game has changed. How Mark teaches — by guiding you…even if you have never meditated before…on journeys that actually take you to expanded states of consciousness and higher dimensions, is exactly what we need right now. We can no longer just talk or think our way into higher states. We need to be taken there, having our own experience, and then have it explained. That is how Mark teaches. You don’t have to study what he says…in fact you can’t. You feel it and you change. Right then and there.

For 22 years I have been channeling Mark to small groups every week, preparing for the time when mass consciousness had reached the level where more people would be drawn to join in. Without a doubt, that time is now. If this is sounds like something for you, you can check it out by listening to scores of Mark audio classes, recorded live, that we have for free on our website.

If Mark is for you, you’ll know it and you’ll be hooked! The advancement is fast, surprising, and never ever boring! Our current course is Creation Part I: . If you are an adventurer, just jump in and start right where we are. If you want a little more background, begin by listening to Power, Love or Wisdom classes and catch up with us. Or start with CREATION and simultaneously catch up with earlier courses. CREATION represents the apex of our work so far.