Crystal Mountain Activation and Clearing


You’ll connect with the mountains’ natural uplifting vortex, combined with the crystalline energy of the rocks to activate within you a primal power.

April’s Meditation —An Activation of Magic: Recorded on-site at a power place amidst the magic of Avalon during our April Mystical England tour. You’ll be transported beyond the mists!

MARK’s Transformational Consciousness - Part II:  "The Magician” Classes 4 & 5: After The Sage you are ready to really learn the vibrational skills of the Magician: manifesting, healing, synchronicity and other magic. You will recognize and raise your own vibration then use that skill for healing, intuition, more manifesting and playing with the true magic of the world. You are at the threshold of so many gifts as you understand spiritual magic.

NOTE: Limit: 10 downloads. This download expires 60 days after purchase.

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