Full Moon Trilogy Set of 3

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Manifesting Higher Visions: Full Moon Trilogy – Buy all 3 together and save $20

Online via zoom at 12 pm MDT or 20:00 CEST

Friday, June 5, Strawberry Moon

Sunday, July 5, Buck Moon

Monday, August 3, Green Corn Moon


Following our powerful Coronavirus Trilogy: Balancing in Crises, MARK has asked us again to gather virtually to plant the seeds of manifesting the highest possible visions for ourselves, Mother Earth and humankind. Full moons are times of manifestation and we are asked to manifest from the highest dimensions into the collective possibilities.

MARK said of 2020:

“We are after a radical transformation in consciousness and so are you or you wouldn't be here.”

The first trilogy gave us transmissions of incredible breakthroughs, and we expect these three meditations to bring even more explosive growth.

“There are major timeline changes after the solstice into late July when much of the Earth is in flux. There are strong veils over what will be after July because there are potential timeline shifts whose trajectories are unknown…The full moon in July is VERY important.” - Channeled from MARK

Because of the importance of the July full moon, Jonette will be traveling to meet with traditional teacher, Grandmother SaSa, for a Medicine Hoop of Life Ceremony at her healing center on Bear Camp River in New Hampshire. She will lead the zoom channeling from this special place.

What people are saying:

Thank you so much for the ultra-powerful transmission today. It was beyond description!

Thank you also for honoring the class in considering us all your equals.  So many have sacrificed so much to bring light to this planet, and it is so reassuring to find a teacher whose integrity extends far enough to not fall into egoic condescension.  You are valuable and precious for that alone, in addition to your very powerful work in changing consciousness. 

Falcon, USA

Coronavirus Trilogy: Balancing in Crisis

You may want to prepare by listening again to the spring trilogy

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