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Healing Myself Meditation Series

The “Healing Myself” monthly series of meditation processes to be used again and again as tools for growth. The purpose is to support our personal evolution by clearing away any fragments, blocks and suppressed negative energies at  all levels of our mind/body/spirit including past lives and cosmic influences.

Spiritual and Energetic Healing – The process puts you in touch with a fantastic ring of support. From there we release harmful fragments of self, negative attachments, ‘vampire’ energies, curses and black magic—anything that has been hanging on to us that doesn’t support our growth into Light!

Healing our Negative Thoughts Patterns and Mental Constructs – We are given an exercise to rewrite our “I am not…” statements. The meditation assists us in unwinding are stuck mental constructs, moving us back into fluid, potential-based thinking. We can all use help getting out of our favorite ruts.

Emotional Body Healing – This meditation process gets to the core of much of our sickness and disease — old, stuck emotions. Spiritual energy is the easiest and quickest way to clear our bodies of what we haven’t wanted to see. You can feel yourself lift and clear to a higher plane of well-being.

Physical Healing – This process takes you to a potent space of healing, releasing and rebalancing— all done above the level of thinking.  “This is the most powerful spaces of healing I’ve encountered in years.” Jonette

Healing from Past Life Influences – As we grow in consciousness we expand our ability to work with our past lives to clear any negative impact they have on us today. This process includes two past life regression’s for the purpose of healing. Again, the meditation holds an energy vortex that invites healing through all time and space. The guided process is meant to be repeated as needed.

Healing from Collective and Cosmic Influences – This is our final process in the Healing Myself series. The energies are powerful yet sweet, as they carry us along to spaces where all healing is complete. We rise above and are liberated from collective trauma, and other-worldly influences. As an extra bonus Jonette ‘channels’ a meditation process that opens our heart to a world where health and healing, love and grace flow abundantly!

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