Healing our Negative Thoughts Patterns and Mental Constructs Meditation


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Healing our Negative Thought Patterns and Mental Constructs – We are given an exercise to rewrite our “I am not…” statements. The meditation assists us in unwinding are stuck mental constructs, moving us back into fluid, potential-based thinking. We can all use help getting out of our favorite ruts.


“Healing Myself” Meditation Series

Following on from our powerful 13-month Quantum Chakra Healing and Balancing series, we are introducing the “Healing Myself” monthly series of meditation processes to be used again and again as tools for growth. The purpose is to support our personal evolution by clearing away any fragments, blocks and suppressed negative energies at all levels of our mind/body/spirit including past lives and cosmic influences.

Spiritual and Energetic Healing
Healing our Negative Thought Patterns and Mental Constructs
Emotional Body Healing
Physical Body Healing
Past Life Healing
Healing from Collective and Cosmic Influences