Keystone Dialogues 2017 Transcript


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The Great Shift of 2017 –  The Keystone Dialogues 2017

MARK channeled by Jonette Crowley

Once again MARK gives us deep responses to guide us during the “Great Shift of 2017.” Jonette channels answers to help us make the most of these times of rapid acceleration of consciousness. He talks of us shifting timelines, portals, the role of Mother Earth. He helps us understand what is illusion, creation, intention and free-will; giving us ideas about our own mastery and ascension. We are left hopeful and empowered about our role in the shifts from duality that are happening in 2017 and beyond. This is the most important time since 2012. For a powerful surprise the Atlantean Goddess Ashtatara comes through to bring an uplifting ‘Wisdom Transmission’!