Learn to Channel 2-Day Workshop Video Recording


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Learn to Channel 2-Day Video RECORDED Course

Video Recorded on September 17 & 18 in Denver, Colorado


“I absolutely loved your Channeling Class! I was in awe! The class superseded my expectations by far! I came in not trusting myself and wondering if I was ever going to get this. I walked away trusting myself like never before. Words can’t describe how truly amazing that really is. I have access to everything through me and all I have to do is ask! I get it! I feel it! Jonette, you are a beautiful light and an amazing teacher!”  Nicole, USA

Now more than ever it is important to be aligned with your own Truth, able to guide yourself and navigate through life’s many choices. Access your Higher Self, or perhaps a spirit guide or guiding angel to help you make the most of your life. Jonette has taught hundreds of people how to access higher wisdom themselves. Perfect for the beginner or to enhance your skills if you can already channel. Even with the video course we will assign you a partner to practice with.

In this practical and informative 2-day workshop you will learn:

  • What channeling is and isn’t, different ways people access this higher knowledge
  • How to prepare your inner space using imagination and visualization
  • How to call in higher guidance; understanding the importance of a ‘gate-keeper’
  • Practice channeling a guide or higher self
  • How to expand your channeling possibilities— communicating with animals, plants, nature…
  • Other practical hints and pitfalls in really opening and trusting what you get

Note: We will TRY to assign you another person who purchased this recorded course as your partner to work with if possible.


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