MARK Intensive 2020 Workshop


3 day Recorded Video Workshop on Zoom, with downloadable video and/or audio recordings

“This is the dawning of a New Era, the awakening of that which has been asleep in your hearts and souls.”



A New Era Multi-Dimensional Collaboration

2020 MARK Intensive
Channeled by Jonette Crowley

3-day workshop on Zoom,
includes recordings.

Friday, October 9 - Sunday, October 11
7:00 am MDT - 1:30 pm MDT
15:00 CEST - 21:30 CEST

$440 per person, if participating in a group you must all register separately


About the MARK Intensive

Due to the extreme changes in our world this year, MARK has asked that we do a special International MARK Intensive workshop, which has in the past been held only every 2 years.

The International MARK Intensive is an accelerated, experiential connection to higher consciousness in a way that radically evolves your being, your perspective, and your potential while supporting the same changes in all of human consciousness. MARK’s goal isn’t to teach but to instantaneously transform by connecting us together in the Quantum Field.

The Covid Virus has been a reset for the world, an opportunity to suspend our distractions and question what we see. We will be opening to our evolving spirit as we explore the 11th Dimension: Shamballa Consciousness and how it changes us. The support and personal expansion we experience will help us set the foundation for the next era.


A New Era

Jonette has been channeling MARK for 31 years, building a path to an awakened, ascending humankind. Spiritual growth, which has often been a solitary pursuit, is transforming into the active co-creation within a rapidly evolving field of consciousness. In spite of the chaos of these times, we are experiencing a huge bump in the collaboration between our consciousness and other dimensions.

  • Together, our unique gifts are recognized and strengthened.
  • We are moving to a place of ascended physicality.
  • From this expanded multi-dimensionality, we bring higher gifts and greater wisdom back into our human experience, manifesting these here on Earth.
  • Our awakening opens gateways outside of karma and linearity.
  • We begin to experience what the mystics have called ‘’Shamballa".
  • We have increased access to guides, angels, Masters, and inner-Earth beings.


About the Workshop


The Intensive is EXPERIENTIAL! Through channeled meditations and activations, you are taken to understand the highest dimensions for yourself. The learning comes from your own knowing. This year, from all over the world we will gather virtually on Zoom, giving you the audio/video recordings to refer back to.

The format includes:

  • Meditations, talks, question, and answer sessions channeled from MARK.
  • Initiations and activations conducted by Jonette, who was recently acknowledged and initiated as a ‘Grandmother’ in the Native tradition.
  • Small group work to support your rapid ascension.
  • ‘Homework’ to expand the breakthroughs into your life.

The International MARK Intensive follows no agenda. Everything is created in the moment based on YOU and what is possible as we gather. MARK’s goal is always to bring the most expansion, growth, insights, transformation that is possible. There is really nothing like it! There is nothing to learn. Only to become the highest multi-dimensional, unlimited being you can possibly be!!


Why Experience MARK?


’MARK’ is a cosmic being if the Great White Brotherhood, channeled by Jonette since 1989. He gives you a map for spiritual growth and transports you easily to experience higher states of consciousness for yourself. You receive your own wisdom and insights and can feel profound changes that only expanded awareness can give you. If you want a path where there are guidance and signposts, but no leader or dogma; If you yearn for spontaneous breakthroughs and rapid growth.....then working with MARK may be the answer!

Who Should Attend?


You are already on a path of accelerating spiritual growth. You don’t follow the mainstream. You want your own answers. You are curious and committed. You KNOW the world is entering a New Era and your soul is compelled to be an active part of it.

  • Anyone who knows that they are part of a multi-dimensional universe, and wants to collaborate with beings and consciousness far beyond the 3D.
  • Anyone who has experienced the MARK work and knows the ease of personal awakening when we co-create an active field of higher consciousness.
  • If you are new to MARK’s work you are most welcome! You will easily be ‘carried along’ in the unstoppable flow of awakening that happens when we gather with the intention of growth and service!

Not in our lifetimes have we witnessed such a breakdown of our external world, giving rise to the opportunity for rebirth—entering a New Era. We hold the potential for a Golden re-awakening. When we gather in high consciousness groups we can and will change the world!


What People Are Saying

Comments from 2019 MARK Intensives

“After the MARK Intensive a lot changed in me. I call it a miracle. I don’t hesitate any more, I know what is good and what is not.”

- Elizabeth, Netherlands


“Such a different state beyond brain and mind. My body feels light, expanded, strong, very present. My vision is different —I can see everything around me at once without moving my eyes.”

- Andieas, Switzerland


“I am completely open and transparent. I am home now. I reached the Field. I am connected in a deeper way that words can`t explain.”

- Jakob, Denmark


“These days with MARK led to my discovery that I have never been committed to my body. I am new, committed and feel quite different!”

- Judith, USA


"The workshops were fabulous! So much love and expansion of my heart. It was very powerful! A lot of knowledge learned about our Earth and our parts to be played as we grow. Awesome experience and new to me!”

- Victoria, USA

How To Find Class Details:

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Product Restrictions and Expirations

MARK Intensive is a PER PERSON charge. Please do not share zoom links or recordings. If you are participating as a group each person needs to register for the event.

You are responsible for downloading the media to your computer. As a courtesy, we provide a password-protected webpage to access your recordings however, we cannot guarantee indefinite access to this page.

Due to Apple and Android restrictions, audios CANNOT be downloaded directly to a mobile device. For best results, download to your computer and sync to your mobile device, utilize a cloud service such as dropbox, google, or cloud or download a 3rd party transfer App.

Downloads have expiration dates expire in 270 days.


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