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So much of our life and our spiritual work is aimed at increasing our personal feelings of happiness. Yet, why does it remain so elusive? Mark and White Eagle again team up to guide you in using high consciousness to change your life and our world.

You will learn and explore the 7 th Dimension of Consciousness, called “God Consciousness”

  • You will use the activation of the Grail Codes in your DNA to permanently program uncaused well being into your cells
  • You’ll meet and play with the Masters of the Laugh—the jesters of the higher world
  • You’ll learn how to tithe JOY! in order to expand it
  • White Eagle will give us several meditations that you can use again and again to build JOY! BLISS! HAPPINESS!! into your life
  • Create a reservoir of JOY! BLISS! HAPPINESS!! within the human matrix to lift the vibration of the world
  • There will be home fun projects assigned by the guides


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