Mark Love Part 3 – Transcripts


Class Titles: The Fire of Compassion; The Gates of Wisdom; The Gates of Wisdom Part II; Victims and Saviors; In This World, Not of It; Transcendental Forgiveness; Holy Night; and Discontinuous Transfiguration.




The focus in LOVE Part III will be


In this series we will be opening star gates, portals, connecting points between earth beings and other beings, other civilizations, other life forms in a way that supports the earth in the fullest and the most loving way. The earth has broken away from the reality where love is everything, and we are living in a desert of love where love tries to create itself in intimate relationships where even self-love is a struggle.   The theme is love, and it is repairing, realigning and reconnecting humanity with entities beyond the time-space world that can help.


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