Mastery: Space Between III Transcripts


Transcripts for the 8-class course in pdf format. Use link to private Class Page for individual class PDF transcripts or download large PDF with all 8 classes

Pay only $25 if you order transcripts when you purchase the Course. 

The Space Between: Part III MASTERY

Exploring the 10th Dimension

"Mastery is a beingness approach to realization, rather than a magician’s approach, which is to see what you can do with mastery.” -  MARK

This is a course in the realization of the innate Mastery of the Universe. The focus of Mastery is to build on the expansions created in Neutrality and Harmony to prepare the way for the 11th dimension, which MARK calls Shamballa, by offering unstructured experiences that begin to create new structures of experiencing in yourself.  In order to move to the next dimensionyou must unstructure the ladder that got you to where you are and be open to a structureless perspective. 
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