Monthly Meditation 2021 Annual Subscription

$300.00 / year

Purchase the entire series and receive 12 months of Personal Support and Growth meditations starting in January 2021.


2021 Monthly Meditation Membership

Meditations for Personal Support and Growth

As we lurch out of the difficulties of 2020 and into 2021, 'The Year of Transition', we long to be personally supported in more easily creating a happier, healthier, more fulfilling everyday life. Our Monthly Meditations are laser-focused to guide you through processes that address the emotions and patterns that entrap you back into old reactions—such as, anger, fear, sadness, and insecurity; and on the other side strengthen your flow, self-empowerment, calmness, health, and deep happiness.

Jonette channels transformational meditations that take advantage of the different energies and openings each month. The meditations become a vortex, a sacred space of interdimensional support.

Important Subscription Information

With your Membership, you will receive a new meditation or activation every month, plus a bonus meditation or MARK class.  Meditations will be distributed on the 15th of the month. Previous months meditations can be accessed in your account.

Meditations can be accessed in your User Account Dashboard under the Downloads tab. The blue boxes contain 1) LINKS to our private Monthly Class page (password is in the link title) or 2) MP3 automatic downloads.

Your downloads will be available in your account as long as your membership is active.

Note: MP3 cannot be downloaded directly to a mobile device

Please go to FAQ your Subscription User Account for more detailed information regarding your account and subscription.

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