Playing in the Unified Field Part II Transcripts


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The 9th Dimension: Playing in the Unified Field

Part II Multidimensional Service

We strengthen our Multidimensional skills by moving more fully into service, assisting others as the Masters have helped us. Playing in the Master’s field upgrades our skills, our Light, and our power. In the past, such skills required death as the entry ticket. Now you begin to serve as Masters by continuing to awaken your multidimensional awareness.

Mark: Multidimensional Awareness and we’ve been talking a great deal about awareness. The next course in Playing in the Unified Field will be Multidimensional Service. It will be how to act toward others as the masters have acted toward you. As long as you feel that masters are somewhat more skilled than you, you will never step into mastery. It is time to play the games, play in the field that the masters play in service. This will upgrade your skills, your light, and your power. You hear of masters, gurus or saints who show up at the bed of someone in the hospital or show up when someone is about to die to help them decide. Those beings trained while they were on Earth. They did not get those skills only when they passed over. You can take the skills that in the past required death as the entry ticket, and you can begin to serve as masters serve by knowing yourself with multidimensional awareness. So it will be service as masters in the unified field.

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