Quantum Soul Body Fusion Netherlands 2022


1-day Advanced Soul Body Fusion® Workshop Recorded in Nijmegen, the Netherlands

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Quantum Soul Body Fusion® An Advanced SBF Gathering with ‘Grandmother’ Jonette

Embody more of what is possible

The potential of Soul Body Fusion® is so much stronger in today's high energies!

Our goal is to strengthen your own Soul Body Fusion® and encourage you to use it to assist others at this time when so many need our help. This will be a powerful and fun day of growth!

These times are a vortex for deep change inside and out. Your Soul is part of the quantum field of rapid awakening that is pushing you…and all of us… to our next breakthrough. Yet, sometimes our physical, emotional, and mental bodies just can’t keep up with the pace.

In this one-day gathering, Jonette will assist you in more fully embodying your power and potential by guiding you in SBF exercises and leading a powerful quantum initiation to enhance everything about you. You will have the opportunity to give and receive Fusions with each other, learning new possibilities of Soul Body Fusion® to assist us all.

Quantum Soul Body Fusion is a quantum jump in your own healing and your ability to help others be healed.

Now that you’ve learned and practiced the basics of Soul Body Fusion®, you’re ready to take it even deeper. Soul Body Fusion® can change your life in the most unexpected ways. In this Day of Deepening, you’ll have a greater experience of: 

…The divinity of your body

…Messages from your Soul

…Trusting yourself more deeply

…A stronger connection with Mother Earth

…Energetic activations that Jonette brings through

The ‘field’ of SBF is much stronger than ever before. What is happening with each session is sometimes unbelievable!

Grandmother Jonette

Soul Body Fusion®
Practitioner Certifications

Jonette will not be teaching Soul Body Fusion® in this 1-day course.
It is assumed that you already know SBF and have practiced it.

We have many Certified SBF teachers in Europe. Click here to find a teacher in your area: https://centerforcreacom/soul-body-fusion-teachers/


If you are interested in getting certified in SBF:
Jonette offers a recorded Online SBF Practitioner Course: https://centerforcreativeconsciousness.com/shop/soul-body-fusion-2020-practitioners-certification/

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